Premium Add-ons for Elementor
In less than a year Premium Addons for Elementor gained the trust of 50,000+ websites' owners with 4.9 out of 5 star rating   and almost 400,000 downloads. This is a milestone which we wouldn't be able to reach without our users, who helped us allot with their feedback and encouraged us with their positive reviews. We ...Continue Reading
Elementor Multi-Scroll Widget
We are glad to announce the long awaited Elementor Multi-Scroll Widget which we have been asked about allot from our customers. It'n now included in Premium Addons PRO plugin, if you already purchased it you will get it in the latest version: 1.1.6. this widget is the first advanced integration of Multi-Scroll vertical navigation to ...Continue Reading
Elementor WhatsApp Widget is Here
Another cool messaging widget added to Premium Addons PRO today, WhatsApp Elementor integration is now available in PAPRO 1.0.7 Update now to be able to use it. WhatsApp widget allow your website visitors to contact you easily using the app they already use and love. If they are surfing your website from their mobile they ...Continue Reading
Premium Addons PRO for Elementor Page Builder
We are glad to announce Premium Addons PRO launch which we have been working on for 6 months.  PAPRO is an extension for our main plugin Premium Addons for Elementor and it adds 25 Elementor widgets and addons to PA which already includes 20 widgets which make them both include 45 widgets and addons. PAPRO has ...Continue Reading
Premium Addons Active Installs
In less than 6 months Premium Addons for Elementor Plugin has gained the trust of 20,000 WordPress website owners who found it a good and reliable companion for Elementor Page Builder. Currently there are around 160+ new websites start using Premium Addons every single day. That's beside 120,000+ downloads so far and more than %55 ...Continue Reading
Elementor Widgets' Hover Effects
We have just added 3 new hover effects: sepia, bright and translate in Latest PA version: 2.3.6.  Also he added "None" option in case you don't want to have hover effects. These effects have been added to: Elementor Banner Widget, Elementor Blog Widget and Grid Widget. We are continuously updating Premium Addons for Elementor Plugin widgets and ...Continue Reading
Elementor Banner Widget
If you didn't try Premium Addons Banner Widget before now, it's a very good chance to try it as we've just added 5 new hover effect: Blur, Zoom in, Zoom out, Grayscale and Scale in version 2.3.0 . Those new five hover effects are working flawlessly with the existing six banner styles and other customization ...Continue Reading
Elementor Widgets' Link Options
Whenever you want to add a link in some Elementor widget you may notice that you are forced to enter a full URL even if the URL you want to point to is an existing page or post in your website. So each time you add a domestic URL you need to go to that ...Continue Reading
Elementor Media Grid Widget
A new highly customizable widget added to Premium Addons for Elementor Free Plugin: Premium Media Grid widget has been released in version: 2.1.0 . Media Grid Elementor widget has lots of customization options that allow you to build great portfolios, photo galleries and much more. Media Grid can be displayed in both even and masonry ...Continue Reading
Premium Elementor Widgets Video Tutorial
We have done our best to make Premium addons' widgets very easy to use and user intuitive like native Elementor widgets but we noticed that we get many inquiries about some widgets like Carousel Widget so we decided to start creating a series of walk-through videos for all Premium Addons for Elementor's Widgets and we started ...Continue Reading
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