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Premium Addons for Elementor Plugin Speed Improved

In Premium Addons, we put a huge effort to make the plugin more powerful by continuously adding new Elementor widgets, addons. One of the challenges we face is to keep the plugin fast and improve the performance and loading speed. More widgets means more CSS/JS file, hence more requests sent to the server.

A year ago, we released the Dynamic Assets Generate feature which greatly helps to improve Elementor pages loading speed by creating a single CSS/JS file for each Elementor page. The content of those files is generated based on the premium elements that exist on that page. This decrease the number of requests sent to the server and the size of the files that should be loaded when an element from Premium Addons plugin exists on the page. To get a better understanding about the Dynamic Assets Generate feature, you can check this article.

Recently, we found that a couple of CSS files are being loaded on the website pages even if there are no elements from Premium Addons plugin exist on that page. This caused a large impact on site’s loading speed and caused a huge memory usage.

In Premium Addons for Elementor v4.10.29 and Premium Addons Pro v2.9.15, we fixed that. With that update, no CSS files from Premium Addons will be loaded as long as you are not using Premium Addons elements on a page. This should improve your site loading speed and minimize the loading on your server. Fewer requests sent to your server means a faster website and higher ranking on Google and other search engines.

Here are a few tips to boost your site speed, decrease the load on your server and prevent loading issues on Elementor editor:

  • Disable all the unused Elementor widgets. In Premium Addons, you can do that by navigating to your WP Dashboard -> Premium Addons -> Widgets & Addons tab and click “Disable Unused Widgets” button.
  • Enable Dynamic Assets Generate feature from your WP Dashboard -> Premium Addons -> Widgets & Addons tab.
  • Install a strong caching plugin such as CloudFlare, WP Rocket, LiteSpeed Cache, etc.
  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to load the assets and decrease the load on your own server.
  • Enable lazyloading for your images which will make your pages to load faster and load the images below only when they are visible on the viewport (the visible area of your webpage).
  • Disable any plugins that you are not using. Only keep the plugins that you use on your website.


In the latest version of the free and pro versions of Premium Addons plugin, we made some changes in the core of the plugin to prevent any CSS files from being loaded on your Elementor website pages unnecessarily. This will help in making your site speed faster and decrease the memory usage caused by the large-sized files loaded on page. If you face any issues after this update, feel free to send us a message on our website or open a ticket on our support system from here.

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