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Premium iHover Elementor Widget

iHover Elementor Widget allows you to create interactive image based banners, blurbs, and call-to-actions which include heading, icon, and description with impressive interactive hover effects.

iHover Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Hey, What's Up..?

iHover Elementor Widget

Unique Options

Unlimited Design and Customization Possibilities with iHover Elementor Widget
Elementor iHover

Various Effects

27 Hover Creative Effects to Grab Visitors Attention and Keep Them Engaged
iHover for Elementor

Icon Options

Both Font Awesome and Custom Image Icons are Supported in iHover Widget.

iHover Elementor Widget

Choose from Multiple Hover Effects..

By using iHover Elementor Widget, you will have the chance to choose from multiple hover effects such as Book Cover, Backward, Faded-In Background, Flash Rotation, Flip Background, Flip Door, Heroes Flying, and much more!


Elementor iHover
iHover Elementor

Mobile Friendly

IHover Elementor widget is 100% responsive.

Premium iHover Elementor Widget
iHover Widget for Elementor

Light Weight

All Premium Addons Elementor widgets are light weight.

iHover Elementor Widget
iHover Widget

Multiple Effects

Elementor iHover widget includes many interactive effects.

Elementor Page Builder iHover Widget
iHover for Elementor

Easy to Use

Like all Premium Addons widgets iHover is very intuitive.

iHover Elementor Widget

Kevin Walberg

I’m a UI/UX Designer based in United Kingdom.

Let’s Get in Touch and Talk Professionally.

Advanced Widget Settings

It Can be Used for Multiple Concepts!

iHover is one of the most used Elementor widgets as it offer eye-catching interactive effect that attract website visitors. iHover Elementor widget can be used for creating blurbs like demonstrating services, employees, products, various website sections, etc. Or simply to add a great looking interactive call to action. Elementor iHover widget is a part of Premium Addons for Elementor WordPress plugin.

Elementor iHover

Make It A Live..

Fast and Easy Customization Options

iHover Elementor widget gives you allot of customization options that will help you visually create a great looking website page in no time and with no coding skills needed. Just check the samples designs which are featured in this page to have an idea about the potential in this widget.

iHover Widget Customization Options

Powerful Elementor Widgets

More Blurbs and CTA Widgets Included in Premium Addons..

Besides iHover widget; Premium Addons include many other Blurbs Elementor widgets like: 3D Flip Box, Icon Box, Banner, Text Unfold and Call to action Elementor widgets like: Image Button, Button and much more. Feel free to navigate through demo pages to discover more widgets and addons.

iHover Widget

Got Your Attention?

Make It Glow

Shine Up Your Next Website..!

With Elementor iHover widget you can create allot of attractive content elements that impress your website visitors and increase engagement which is the ultimate goal for any website designer/owner. The combination of WordPress, Elementor Page Builder and Premium Addons for Elementor makes it easy for you to attain that goal.


Nothing Can Stop You

Unlimited Usage Possibilities

iHover for Elementor Page Builder


iHover for Elementor


Elementor iHover Widget


That's It..?! Nope Not Yet ;)

much more effects are there for you & now what are waiting for?

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