Stylish Horizontal Separators

Break Up Website Content Using Elementor Divider Widget

  • 10+ Animated Pattern Dividers.
  • 25+ Stylish Line-Art Separators.
  • Use Custom Image or SVG as a Divider.
  • Add Text, Image, Icon, Lottie, and SVG Code.
  • Tailored Customization Controls

Animated Pattern Dividers

New Animated Elementor Dividers

More than 10 captivating animated patterns, each animated divider brings a unique flair to your design, allowing for a more personalized and engaging user experience. Elevate your design game with the enhanced Divider widget for Elementor.

HEY! This is Premium Divider Widget

It's NOT SVG Draw or Lottie Animations


Select the One that Suits You the Most

Use the Patterns as Static Dividers

Or, You Can Make It Animated/Drawn

Feel Free to Make it Loop or Make it Work Once

Decorate Your Elementor Website

With ZERO Hassles Guaranteed

Find All You Need in a Single Widget

Premium Divider for Elementor Page Builder

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Line-Art Elementor Dividers

Select From 25+ Line-Art Elementor Dividers

Unlock a world of design possibilities with over 25 line-art dividers. The extensive selection of those dividers provides you with a diverse palette to seamlessly integrate decorative elements into your Elementor-based layouts.

Divider Style: Curved

Divider Style: Curly

Divider Style: Wavy

Divider Style: Diamond

Divider Style: Slashed

Divider Style: Parallelogram

Divider Style: Zigzag

Divider Style: Rectangles

Divider Style: Dots

Divider Style: Strips

Divider Style: Half Rounds

Divider Style: Leaves

Divider Style: Fir Trees

Divider Style: Squares

Divider Style: Trees

Divider Style: Tribal

Divider Style: X

Divider Style: Bold Zigzag

and much more..

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Speaking About Possibilities

Add Sense of Motion Using Lottie Animations

Enjoy a seamless integration of Lottie animation files. Now, users can effortlessly insert dynamic motion into Premium Divider Elementor widget, elevating the overall visual appeal of their Elementor-based websites.

Add Lottie Animation Files

Make Elementor Web Pages Standout

Limitless Possibilities with NO DOUBT

Outstanding Performance

When Mentioning Creativity

Add Font Awesome Icons, Images, and More!

Get the full freedom to integrate a variety of elements, including Font Awesome icons, Custom Images, SVG Icons, and Text, into your Elementor Divider widget. Putting the control in your hands, enabling you to create dividers that truly reflect your vision.

Element: Font Awesome Icon

Element: Custom Image


Element: SVG Code

Element: Text

Premium Divider

Element: Icon and Text


Extend Elementor Capabilities

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