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Countdown Expired!

13, 14, and 15
June 2024

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What's New in Countdown Wdget?

5 Countdown Layouts

Go beyond the ordinary Elementor countdown widget! Choose from 5 unique styles; Default, Circle, Rotate, Flip, and Featured Unit.

Flexible Timer Options

Set a specific date and time for your countdown to generate excitement and urgency around upcoming events, sales, or product launches.

After Expiration Actions

Don’t let the countdown end abruptly! Choose from 3 post-expiration options; Display a Message, Restart Timer, Redirect to a Specific Link.

New Styles

Eye-Catchy Countdown Styles Grab Attention with Diverse Designs

Go beyond the basic timer and choose from a variety of designs that perfectly complement your landing page and brand identity. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist look, a bold and eye-catching design, or something in between, the Countdown widget has you covered.

Circle Style

Creating a Sense of Urgency...

The countdown timers trigger a fear of missing out (FOMO), encouraging visitors to take action before the timer runs out.
Countdown Expired!
Countdown Expired!

Rotate Style

Boosting Website Conversions...

Countdown timers can nudge visitors towards a desired action, like making a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter.

Get Premium Addons

Build Sophisticated Elementor Websites Using Premium Addons The Free WordPress Plugin

While the Premium Addons Countdown Widget is a powerful tool in its own right, it’s just one piece of the comprehensive suite offered by Premium Addons. This free WordPress plugin unlocks a treasure trove of functionalities designed to elevate your Elementor website building experience.

Another New Style

Featured Unit Countdown Timer

Put your most important countdown front and center with the Featured Countdown Unit. This functionality allows you to designate a specific countdown to take primary visual focus on your landing page. By highlighting a particular countdown, you can ensure visitors don’t miss your crucial offer or upcoming event.
Countdown Expired!

Powerful Improvements

Grab Attention with Countdowns Inside Elementor Builder

Make your Elementor countdowns stand out from the crowd. Choose from a variety of unique styles to perfectly match your brand and captivate your audience. Seamlessly, stop visitors in their tracks with eye-catching countdowns. Our widget helps you generate excitement, create a sense of urgency, and boost conversions on your Elementor landing pages.

After Expiration

Control What Happens After Expiration Using Countdown Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Don’t let your countdown fizzle out after it reaches zero! The Premium Addons Countdown Widget empowers you to customize the user experience even after the timer expires. Choose from three engaging post-expiration options to seamlessly guide visitors towards your desired action.

Restart Timer After Expire

“Thank You for Your Patience, The Website is Now Available!”

Display Message After Expire

Redirection Link After Expire

Unlock Elementor's Full Potential

Upgrade to Premium Addons PRO Dive Into an Ocean of Creative Possibilities

Unleashing 90+ Elementor Widgets, Section Addons, and Global Features at your fingertips. Dive deeper and discover a treasure trove of 500+ pre-designed templates, both full-page and section-specific, ready to instantly elevate your Elementor website.

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