Create Attractive Popups

Premium Modal Box Elementor Widget

Premium Modal Box for Elementor allows you to create Call to Action Buttons along with modal boxes opens upon clicking on it.

Embed Vidoes, Google Maps and Much More..

Add whatever content you want to your Premium Model Box Widget for Elementor Page Builder.

You Can Use Image Triggers Instead of Using Buttons!


Text Link Trigger is Available Too!

Modal Box Elementor Widget will give you the ability to create modal popups using Button Trigger, Image Trigger, Text Link, or you can even select “Page Load” option which will allow you to display the popup right after page load.

I'm a Modal Box! Click Me 😉
Look! I'm Another Modal Box..!
Can't You See Me..?!

Grab Visitors Attention Using Lottie Animations Trigger!

Elementor Modal Box widget now supports Lottie Animations. Instead of using Button, Image, or Simple text, you can use Lottie Animations to grab your visitors’ attention. Try it now, it’s totally free!

This Widget is 100% FREE!

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