Proudly Introducing Elementor Bullet List Widget

The first-ever Lottie-enabled Bullet List widget for Elementor Page Builder. Bullet list widget can also utilize icons, images, and text tags beside Lottie animations. This widget comes with lots of customization features that you will never find in other similar Elementor widget or addon.


  • Works Pefectly on Smart Devices
  • Cross Browsers Compatibility
  • Tested on Different Screen Sizes


  • Many Customization Options
  • Smooth & Friendly User Experience
  • Outstanding Performance

Super Friendly

  • Ready Made Templates Included
  • Build Elementor Pages With Less Effort
  • Could be Used for Any Purpose

Grab Your Visitors' Attention Fully Compatible with Lottie Animations ;)

Now, you can use light-weight Lottie animations with your bullet list to grab attention to the important information your lists contain. It will be far better than the regular icon list. Premium Bullet list widget is included in Premium Addons for Elementor free plugin.

Why Selecting Premium Addons?

  • This is a Bullet List with Lottie Animations.
  • Created Using Elementor and Premium Addons.
  • Lottie Makes It More Eye-Catchy than the Icon List.
  • Designed with Premium Bullet List Elementor Widget.

Bullet List Can be Horizontal Also!

This is a clever use for Elementor bullet list widget with horizontal display and with cool blur effect.

Bring Your Recent Updates Make The Most Out of It!

Almost all websites nowadays will need to have bullet lists or icon lists on their websites. Our mission is to help you create creative looking bullet lists that turn this boring information list into an eye-catching part in your content.

Top Features?!

  • New

    Use Icons, Images, Lottie Animations, or Text.
  • New

    Add Hover Effects to Each List Item.
    Super Cool
  • Creative

    Use It to Create Vertical or Horizontal Lists.
  • Creative

    Add Entrance Animations for More Attractive Look.
  • Perfect

    Tons of Customization Options Included.
  • Perfect

    Fully Responsive. It Looks Great on All Devices.
  • Free

    Elementor Bullet List Widget is Free of Charge!

Make Your Webpage Glow Free Elementor Bullet Lists Templates Available

You can download many great Elementor templates for Bullet list Elemetor widgets free of charge when you download Premium Addons for Elementor Freee Plugin.

Endless Customization Options

  • Checkout The Email
  • Follow Up With Team Members
  • Coffee Break
  • Work on Clients' Projects
  • Painting Session

And Now, What Are You Waiting for?

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