Premium Image Button Elementor Widget

Premium Image Button Widget for Elementor Page Builder allows you to create interactive buttons with image background.

Image Button Supports Lottie Animations

Elementor Image Button widget now supports Lottie animations. Instead of adding icon you can now add eye-catching Lottie animation to your button. This will be more compelling for visitors to click it. 

Image Button Widget Has Background Slide Effect

Give your button a different look with image slide effect. You will need to set an image for the normal button background and another image for the hover background.


Recently Added Grow Effect

A brand new effect has been recently added to Premium Image Button Free Widget for Elementor Page Builder. Now, you can select from Background Slide, Diagonal Slide, Icon Slide, Overlap, and Grow Effects. Download Premium Addons now and enjoy using 22+ widgets totally free of charge!

Use Image Button With Diagonal Slide Effect

You can also make a transition between 2 images on hover with the diagonal slide effect this looks much more interesting between images that the regular diagonal effect between colors.

Select Font Awesome Icons Icon Slide Effect

Here is another effect. On hover the image will slide to show another image along with and icon. You can replace the icon with Lottie animation if you want it to be more eye-catching.

Image Button Comes With Overlap Effect

Overlap hover effect is also allot more creative with image button Elementor widget.

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