Elementor Icon Box

Elementor Icon Box widget allows you to give a short brief about the services you provide. Besides, adding a call-to-action with an external link that shows the full details of each service. 

Icon Box Supports Lottie Animations

Elementor + Lottie

Elementor Icon Box widget now supports the trending Lottie animations. 

Eye Catching

Lottie animations are open source and tons of them are available  for free.

Animation Wins

Instead of the static icon you can use a Lottie animation to grab users attention.

Light Weight

Lottie animations are very light and don’t negatively affect your loading speed.

Also You Can Add Custom Images

Premium Heading Widget for Elementor

Team Players

Give your icon box a fresh look by choosing whether a custom image icon or a font awesome icon that match your needs. 

Premium Heading Widget for Elementor
Elementor Heading Widget


Bring life to your icons by choosing a hover animation for each one. You’ll find multiple choices, choose the perfect one for you!

Elementor Heading Widget
Heading Widget for Elementor Page Builder


Align the back icon to any position you want whether center, left, or right. Also, you will have the ability to manage its transparency.

Heading Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Use Premium Icon Box With Font Awesome Icons

Premium Icon Box Elementor Widget Align It The Way You Want

Mix and Combine Add Your Own Touch

Image Background

Give your icon box another look by adding an image background instead of using a solid color.

Vertical Alignment

You have a vertical alignment option for icon box’s main icon. You can set it top, middle, or bottom. 

Inner Container

You have multiple styling options for inner and outer containers. Add background image or solid color.

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