Elementor Dual Heading Widget

Premium Dual Heading is a modern heading style that gives you the ability to create outstanding headings with 2 different font and color styles in the same header.

Header Typography

Elementor grid

Premium Addons for Elementor plugin is 100% free and includes awesome widgets like: Elementor Grid which can be used for creating photo galleries and portfolios using Elementor Page Builder.

Elementor Carousel

It also include the most popular and most used Elementor Carousel widget which utilises Elementor templates to give you the freedom to add any content you want to the carousel

Clipped Style

Section Addons

Premium Add-ons PRO includes marvelous section add-ons that give Elementor section many cool background effects like: Ken burns, Parallax, Particles and Animated Gradients. You can find section add-ons directly from section editing panel inside Elementor Page Builder.

Blurbs Widgets

Premium Addons includes many blurbs widgets that can be used as call to actions or for listing various types of content like service, products, etc. iHover, Banner, 3D Flip Box and unfold.

Background Style

Chat Widgets

WhatsApp Elementor widget and Messenger chat widget are so good call to actions that encourages website visitors to communicate with you.

Social Media Widgets

You can use social media widgets like: Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Twitter Feed and Behance Feed to increase engagements.

Below Each Other

Reviews Widgets

Using social proof always works, You can now do that now with Elementor Page Builder using widgets like: Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews and Testimonials widgets.

Heading Widgets

Attractive titles is very important for website’s visitors eyes to find what they are looking for. Premium Addons includes: Premium Heading, Dual Heading and Fancy text.

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