Elementor Widget

Meet Elementor Tags Cloud widget, the powerful tool for organizing and displaying the tags and keywords associated with your WordPress website’s content.


Select from 4 different tag styles that are all come with well-picked settings to give you the full control over your Tags Cloud.


No matter where you want to place your Elementor Tags Cloud widget, it’ll definitely fit anywhere across your website.


Get the full power to customize the widget, from the number of tags to display reaching to the post type and source.


The widget can be adjusted it to fit any screen size, ensuring a seamless user experience for your website visitors.

Keep Visitors Engaged Discover Related Content with Ease

The Tags Cloud widget for Elementor is a powerful tool for organizing and displaying the tags and keywords associated with your website’s content. By using the widget, you can make it easy for visitors to navigate and explore your website, find related content, and discover new topics that interest them.

Grab Their Attention Insert Visually Appealing Tags

The Tags Cloud Elementor widget displays tags and keywords in a visually appealing way, using different font sizes and colors to indicate the relative popularity or importance of each tag. Visitors can click on a tag to see a list of articles or posts associated with that tag, making it easy to explore related content and discover new topics of interest.

Personalize The Look and Feel Make It Fit Your Website Needs

One of the great advantages of the Elementor Tags Cloud widget is its flexibility and customization options. You can easily customize the widget to fit your website’s overall design scheme by choosing the font styles, color schemes, and other design elements that best fit your brand.

Intuitive and Flexible Streamline Website Navigation

Elementor Tags Cloud widget helps visitors find related content quickly and easily, making it more likely that they will stay on your site longer and visit multiple pages. In addition, it can streamline website navigation by organizing content into easy-to-understand categories and making it easy to find what visitors are looking for.

No Design Skills Needed Get The Tags Cloud You Ever Wanted

Elementor Tags Cloud widget in Premium Addons comes with dozens of settings that make you free to control color, size, typography and any small detail in the tag cloud.

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