You are currently viewing Exciting Updates Applied to the Alert Box and Button Elementor Widgets

Exciting Updates Applied to the Alert Box and Button Elementor Widgets

For all Elementor users, I’ve got some cool news for you. Premium Addons has just rolled out some neat updates in their latest versions, v 4.10.18 for Premium Addons and v 2.9.11 for Premium Addons PRO. Let’s dive into what’s new and how it can make your website better.

Elementor Alert Box Widget Had a Major Update

Elementor Alert Box Widget has been updated to offer two ways to show important messages on your website alert message or notification bar. It lets you add animations for a dynamic entrance and pick icons from various sources, including Font Awesome and SVGs. You can convey your messages with customizable headings and descriptions and even include a close button for user convenience using the flexibility to use Elementor templates, or Elementor text editor, and align them as needed. The style tab gives you control over the appearance of your headings, descriptions, and buttons, ensuring everything looks cohesive on your site.

For a firsthand experience of how these updates work, visit our demo page.

Brand New Hover Effects Added to Elementor Button Widget

Elementor button widget new hover effects

Our latest Elementor Button Widget update introduces fresh ways to animate buttons with effects like growth, radial highlights, and smooth underlines. Although the icon slide isn’t included, you now have a variety of effects to apply to any button-enhanced widget, allowing you to craft standout call-to-action prompts.

Our recent release adds these new hover effect animations to both our free widgets Elementor Banner widget, Elementor Button Widget, Elementor Image Button Widget, Elementor Modal Box Widget, and Elementor Pricing Table Widget, For Pro widgets Elementor 3d Hover Box Widget, Elementor Icon Box Widget, Elementor Magic Section Widget, Elementor Alert Box Widget, and Elementor WhatsApp Chat Widget with the Slide and Shutter effects available for all users. Try them out on our demo page to see how they can bring life to your website’s interactive elements.

To see how these new hover effects can transform your website’s buttons, check out our demo page.

The Latest Improvements Applied to Premium Addons Goodies

Premium Addon for Elementor latest update and fixes

Enhanced Security in Wrapper Link Addon and PA Duplicator: We’ve bolstered the security measures in these tools to prevent vulnerabilities.
Fix for Icons in Image Hotspots Widget: Resolved an issue where icons weren’t properly displaying, ensuring they now show up correctly.
Hourly Forecast Fix in Weather Widget (Layout #1): Corrected a malfunction in the Weather widget’s first layout, making the hourly forecast feature fully functional.
Resolved Global Tooltips Addon Conflicts: Fixed a bug where the Global Tooltips addon was clashing with other plugins, enhancing overall compatibility.


In summary, the latest updates for Elementor’s Premium Addons bring practical improvements for website builders. Elementor Alert Box Widget notably improves by introducing new hover effects. These effects, such as growth, radial highlights, and smooth underlines, add a subtle yet impactful visual touch to your website’s buttons. This enhancement is designed to make buttons more engaging and noticeable, potentially increasing user interaction. On the technical side, security has been strengthened in certain tools, and glitches with icon displays and weather forecasts have been fixed. These updates aim to make your website more user-friendly and visually appealing.

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