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Introducing Global Wrapper Link Addon & Premium Divider Widget Update

Premium Addons v 4.10.15 and Premium Addons PRO v 2.9.9 for Elementor Page Builder are coming with some exciting new additions and features!

Dive into the latest enhancements for Premium Addons for Elementor, designed to boost interactivity and speed on your WordPress site. Global Wrapper Link Addon lets you easily turn any Elementor element into a clickable link, perfect for users of any skill level.

Meanwhile, the updated Premium Divider Widget introduces new controls and faster loading to streamline your design process.

We’re also rolling out new interactive features like ‘Trigger Animation on Click’ in the Lottie Animations widget and user experience improvements such as the ‘Disable Scroll with Accordion’ in the Tabs widget. These updates, alongside fixes for the Media Grid and Advanced Media Carousel widgets, ensure your site’s performance is sleek and smooth.

Elevate your website’s design and functionality today with these latest offerings from Premium Addons for Elementor.

Enhance Interactivity with Global Wrapper Link Addon

Elevate your Elementor experience with Global Wrapper Link Addon from Premium Addons, designed for effortless implementation without coding. Transform containers, widgets, and sections into clickable elements, increasing your site’s engagement. This addon is universally applicable and comes with a real-time preview, making it ideal for both novices and professional designers.

Explore Global Wrapper Link Addon with our live Global Features showcase!

New & Fast Premium Divider Widget

Elementor Divider widget updated version

Premium Divider Widget for Elementor just got an upgrade! With new control options and improved loading times, your WordPress site will look sharper and perform better. Dive into a more efficient design experience and craft your pages with speed and precision.

Test out the updated Premium Divider Widget on our live demonstration!

Exciting updates have arrived for Premium Addons for Elementor!

Latest updates for additional improvements

New Feature: Lottie Animations widget now comes with a ‘Trigger Animation on Click’ option, giving your animations an interactive edge.

New Option: Enjoy a smoother browsing experience with the ‘Disable Scroll with Accordion’ feature in Elementor Tabs widget, allowing content to stand out without shifting the page.

Enhancements: We’ve resolved the issue where Lightbox Styling options were not applied in Elementor Media Grid widget, ensuring your galleries look as sleek as ever.

Fix Applied: Say goodbye to the unwanted gap after slides in Advanced Media Carousel widget for a seamless display of your media content.

Stay tuned for these updates and continue creating stunning websites with ease using Premium Addons for Elementor!


In conclusion, the latest updates to Premium Addons for Elementor are a game-changer for WordPress site design. The introduction of the Global Wrapper Link Addon revolutionizes how elements become interactive, catering to all user levels. Also, The latest updates to Premium Addons for Elementor enhance user engagement and website performance. With improved Lottie Animations, enhanced Tabs widget, and optimized Media Grid and Carousel widgets, your site becomes more efficient and visually appealing. These upgrades offer a significant improvement for Elementor users, making web design simpler and more effective.

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