You are currently viewing Introducing Elementor Advanced Carousel Widget & Elementor Contact Form 7 Widget Update!

Introducing Elementor Advanced Carousel Widget & Elementor Contact Form 7 Widget Update!

Premium Addons v4.10.5 and Premium Addons PRO v2.9.5 for Elementor Page Builder are coming with some exciting new additions and features!

Welcome to our blog, where we’re about to take your WordPress website design to the next level! Join us as we explore three exciting topics.

Explore Elementor Media Wheel for captivating animations without coding. Elevate your website’s visual appeal effortlessly with horizontal and vertical media wheels.

Enhance user experience by simplifying contact forms with the Elementor Contact Form 7 Widget, seamlessly integrating Contact Form 7 into Elementor without coding.

Check out our Sprint Update for Premium Addons, unveiling enhancements and fixes that ensure a seamless website design journey, showcasing our dedication to excellence.

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Upgrade Your Website with Elementor Advanced Media Carousel Widget!

Exciting news! Our Elementor Advanced Carousel Widget by Premium Addons transforms your WordPress site with captivating animations, in both free and Pro versions, and offers horizontal or vertical media wheel directions. No tech skills needed – it’s that easy! Check out our demo page for a quick preview and upgrade your website effortlessly.

See it in action – Visit our Demo Page!

Elevate Your Contact Forms with Elementor by Premium Addons Widget

Enhance the interactivity of your WordPress website by seamlessly integrating the Elementor Contact Form 7 Widget by Premium Addons into your design arsenal. With this user-friendly widget, you can effortlessly upgrade your contact forms without the need for any coding expertise. Customize your forms with ease, and witness the transformation of your website’s user experience.

Want to see it in action? Visit our demo page now!

Exciting Improvements and Fixes!

New Navigation Options in Carousel Widget

Exciting news! Our latest update enhances the Carousel widget with new navigation options, providing greater control and interactivity for your website.

Masonry Layout in Woo Products Listing Widget

We’re thrilled to introduce the Masonry layout in the Woo Products Listing widget, creating an eye-catching grid format for your WooCommerce products, optimizing space, and enhancing your e-commerce site’s visual appeal.

Option to Show Elements as Menu Items

You can now display elements on your page as items in the menu. It’s all about simplifying navigation and providing a user-friendly experience for your website visitors.

Bug Fix – Instagram Feed Editor

We’ve resolved the Instagram Feed editor issue. You can now seamlessly edit and manage your Instagram Feed directly from the Chrome browser, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Bug Fix – WooCommerce Display Conditions

With this bug fix, we’ve addressed fatal errors related to WooCommerce display conditions, ensuring a hassle-free experience when integrating WooCommerce into your website.

These updates enhance website functionality and user experience, ensuring a seamless and engaging journey for your visitors. Stay tuned for more improvements!

Your website’s transformation begins now!


In conclusion, our journey through Premium Addons for Elementor has revealed the keys to unlocking your WordPress website’s full potential. From captivating animations with the Elementor Media Wheel Widget to effortless form customization using the Elementor Contact Form 7 Widget, we’ve shown you how to elevate your site with ease. Our commitment to excellence shines in our latest Sprint Update, ensuring a seamless website design journey.

Join us in the intersection of innovation and simplicity as you master the art of WordPress website design through our blog. Upgrade now and embark on a path to creativity and excellence.

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