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Introducing Elementor Off Canvas Widget and New Multi Scroll Widget’s Content Layer

We are pleased to bring new updates for Elementor users in the latest releases of Premium Addons Free version 4.10.21, and Premium Addons PRO version 2.9.12 WordPress plugins. This article will provide details on these new additions and their implications for improving both your site’s visitors’ user experience and the visual appeal of your website.

Elementor Off Canvas Widget: Your Site with Versatile Content Display

Elementor Off Canvas widget by Premium Addons makes WordPress sites more user-friendly and visually clean. It allows for hidden content to appear with a simple click, it’s perfect for sliding into navigation menus, but that’s just the start. Enabling designers to utilize a variety of engagement triggers such as buttons, images, Lottie animations, icons, SVG drawings, or CSS IDs linked to any Elementor element on your page. This widget offers advanced entrance transitions like Overlay, Push, Reveal, Slide Along, 3D Rotate Out, Fall Down, Elastic, or Bubble, alongside options that allow content to emerge from the top, bottom, left, or right of the screen.

For online stores, it can show WooCommerce shopping cart on the side, letting shoppers see their choices without leaving the page. It’s also great for discreetly adding contact forms, so help is always a click away without getting in the way of what users are reading or viewing. This widget can promote special deals or news, and it’s handy for blogs or sites with lots of content, allowing visitors to filter what they see without hassle. Plus, it can link to social media or showcase work in a neat sidebar, keeping the main page clean. Essentially, You can use this widget to add pretty much any content you want to your site, from a sidebar filled with widgets, any Elementor content using an Elementor template, or even just simple text, ensuring everything you need is there when you need it, without all the clutter.

For a firsthand experience of how these updates work, visit our demo page.

Exciting Update for Elementor Multi Scroll Widget

new fixed content of Elementor Multi Scroll Widget

We’re having a new update to Elementor Multi Scroll widget by Premium Addons, you’ll be able to add content layer above each multi-scroll slide. This means more flexibility in how you present information and grab your visitor’s attention.

What’s even better? You’ll have control over the entrance animation of each content piece, you can select the animation that best fits your design and message.

To see how this new update to Elementor Multi Scroll widget, check out its live demo.

Update Alert for Premium Addons Users!

the new improvements for our Premium Addons Free & Pro versions

For our Premium Addons Free Version users, we’ve squashed some bugs:

Vimeo Playback Fixed: Resolved issues with Vimeo videos in Elementor Video Box widget for uninterrupted viewing.
Elementor Global Tooltip Consistency: Ensured global tooltips display correctly within Elementor loops for a smoother design experience.
Elementor Blog Widget Responsiveness: Made the On Side skin of our Elementor Blog widget adaptive to all screen sizes for better mobile engagement.

And for our Premium Addons Pro fans:

Elementor Icon Box: Corrected the icon hover styling in the Icon Box widget, so your icons will now behave as expected.

Stay tuned for more smooth features with Premium Addons!


With the latest enhancements to Elementor Off Canvas and Multi Scroll widgets by Premium Addons, you’re equipped to create cleaner, more interactive, and more user-friendly WordPress sites. These widgets are not just tools; they’re the building blocks for a smoother and more engaging user experience. Whether it’s by making navigation a breeze with off-canvas menus or capturing attention with animated content above your multi-scroll slides, your site is set to make a memorable impression. Also, both free and pro users will experience smoother operations and enhanced interactivity. We’ve tackled key issues to ensure your Vimeo content, tooltips, and blog presentations are crisp and responsive across all devices. Pro users will especially appreciate the refined hover effects in the Icon Box widget.

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