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Elementor Badge Global Addon

New Addition: Meet Premium Badge Elementor Global Addon

Labels, ribbons, badges are mostly used within specific web elements like Pricing Tables, Banners, Bullet Lists, WooComerce Products, etc. but having the ability to add them anywhere across your Elementor website is what we can call “Wow!”. Premium Addons PRO version 2.7.0 is proudly coming with a brand new global feature developed exclusively for Elementor Page Builder called Premium Badge Elementor Global Add-on. Check this new feature’s demo page from this link.

Add Badges, Labels, Bookmarks Anywhere Across Your Elementor Website

Elementor Global Badge Addon Applied on any Elementor Section, Column, or Widget
Premium Badge Elementor Global Addon Works with Elementor Sections, Inner-Sections, Columns, and Widgets

Yes, latterly anywhere! Since Elementor Badge is a global addon that means you can use it with Elementor Sections, Elementor Inner-Sections, Elementor Columns, or even any widget developed for Elementor Page Builder. The choice is absolutely yours, it works & fits perfectly anywhere without a doubt!

Sophisticated, Awesome, and Eye-Catchy Badge Styles are Amazingly Included

Elementor Badge Global Add-on is coming with sophisticated badge styles to give you the ability to decorate your Elementor website content with no limits as you can select from:

  • Stripe
  • Flag
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Bookmark
  • Custom Style

That’s beside, 3 icon types are available to allow you to add an icon beside the badge text as you can decide whether you want to use Font Awesome or SVG icon, Custom Image, or a Lottie Animation icon. Feel free to use the one that suits you the most.

Available Styles in Premium Badge Global Addon for Elementor
Elementor Badge Global Add-on Styles

Wait a Minute! What is Custom Style? Should It Need a Coding Knowledge Background to be Used?

No, of course not! Custom Style is opening the door for unlimited yet fancy badge styles to be used within your Elementor website as you can use Clip-Path Maker to add irregular blob badges which are available by Clippy. Or, you can add fancy blob badges by going to the most popular blob maker libraries like Blobs, Blob Maker, and Squircley.

Bring Live to Your Badges Using Floating Effects

We have developed Elementor Badge Global Add-on keeping in mind the features that could help to make it stand out. Floating Effects is a very useful tool to help create attractive yet creative website elements with no effort!

Opacity Floating Effect in Elementor Badge Global Add-on
Opacity Floating Effect Applied to Elementor Badge Global Add-on
Translate Floating Effect in Elementor Badge Global Add-on
Translate Floating Effect

You’ve the Ability to Apply to the Following Floating Effects

  • Translate
  • Rotate
  • Opacity
  • Blur
  • Grayscale

Feel free to apply the Floating Effects to your Elementor badges in a way that meets your needs. No effort and no coding skills are required.

Get Impressed With Its Customization Options

Premium Badge Elementor Global Add-on is proudly coming with outstanding customization options which will give you the ability to customize and adjust it the way that matches your needs. We have considered adding the most necessary options that will help you get the most out of this global feature.

Customization Options available for Elementor SVG Blob Shape Badge
Sophisticated Customization Options are Included Within Elementor Badge Global Add-on

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