Elementor Flip Box Widget

Premium Flip Box widget will guide you to add an eye-catching call to actions and also it’s a cool way to display various types of website content like services, products, etc. on your website as it comes with a 3D effect. Add it to your page and make your visitors engaged to your website after seeing this gorgeous effect. 

Add Another Taste to Your Content

Right to Left

Move your Premium Flip Box from Right to Left

Background Overlay Color

Premium 3D Flip Box widget gives you the ability to add an overlay color to the background.

See More Examples

Overlay Color

Add an Overlay Color to the Background

Solid Color

Choose whether if you want to add a background image or you can add only a solid color.

Top to Bottom

From the additional settings you can choose your favorite flip direction and adjust flip box height that match to your needs!

More Exampls

Font Awesome & Custom Image Icons

Both options are available in Premium Flip Box widget as you can choose if you want to use a font awesome icon or upload a custom image.

The Joy


You can add an icon to the front and back faces of Premium Flip Box widget.

Of Dressing


By using Premium Flip Box widget, you can add a font awesome icon or upload your own custom image.

Is an Art!


If you will choose a font awesome icon, then you will have the ability to customize its size and color according to your needs!

Multiple Flip Directions

We have add a multiple flip directions to Premium Flip Box widget; Right to Left, Left to Right, Top to Bottom, and Bottom to Top.

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Vertical Position & Content Alignment

Last but not least, in Premium Flip Box widget you can adjust content position with the way you prefer as you have an options for vertical content position, those options are: Top, Middle, Bottom. Besides, you have another options for content alignment, so you can align it Left, Right or Center.

Vertical Top

Left Content Alignment

Adjust your content with any way you want!

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Vertical Middle

Center Content Alignment

We are committed to cover all your needs to meet your expectation.

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Vertical Bottom

Right Content Alignment

So, what are you waiting for! Get Premium Addons PRO now.

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