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Introducing Elementor Multi-Scroll Widget

We are glad to announce the long awaited Elementor Multi-Scroll Widget which we have been asked about allot from our customers. It’n now included in Premium Addons PRO plugin, if you already purchased it you will get it in the latest version: 1.1.6. this widget is the first advanced integration of Multi-Scroll vertical navigation to Elementor and you can easily use it with no coding to create  one page websites with vertical navigation and beautiful multi-scroll transition.

Also we made sure that you can use the widget just as an Elementor section inside your page which give you a wider range of uses and applications to create even attracted page with diversified content presentations and with many available customization options. Multi-scroll widget is 100% fully responsive so you don’t have to worry how the content will look on smaller screens like mobiles and tablets. also it can use both Elementor section templates or just the regular text editor to add content to both left and right sides.

We have spent considerable time carefully testing the widget and making sure the scrolling experience will provide the best user experience since this was the first time to offer more than one multi-scroll widget in the same page so we hope you enjoy it and we can’t wait to see how our customers will use it to create incredible layouts. You can check below a quick walk-through video for Multi-scroll widget.

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  1. hila

    I m trying to find out how to use the multi-scroll widget on a smaller screen like the phone. Unfortunately, I don t find the solution! Can you please explain how to adapt to responsive mode? There is no tutorial about it…I didin t find any help>
    Thank you!

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