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Premium Addons 2023: A Year of Exciting Updates for Elementor

2023 has been a busy year for us at Premium Addons, and we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on for Elementor. We’ve listened to your feedback and have rolled out some new features and widgets that we think you’ll love. 

Elementor Magazine Widgets Bundle

We noticed a gap in the need for a powerful tool for creating WordPress Elementor-based online magazines, especially for those without a coding background. So, the Magazine Widgets Bundle was born, not just as a set of widgets but as a storyteller’s toolkit.

Elementor Smart Post Listing Widget

Elementor Smart Post Listing widget

This is where your story begins. Choose a layout, add some style, and organize your articles. It’s not just about displaying content; it’s about setting the right tone for your narrative. Experience the live Smart Post Listing Elementor widget and witness its exceptional functionality firsthand!

Elementor News Ticker Widget

News Ticker Elementor widget

Keep the pulse of your magazine alive with rolling updates or breaking news. This widget offers a dynamic way to present timely information, keeping readers informed and engaged. Discover our News Ticker widget in action by checking the demo page.

Elementor World Clock Widget

World Clock for Elementor widget

For magazines with a global audience, this widget is particularly valuable for multinational businesses operating on WordPress platforms. It provides the flexibility to showcase the current time of any specific location globally, ensuring your website remains relevant and user-friendly for a diverse international audience. See the live World Clock widget’s different layouts.

Elementor Weather Forecast Widget

Weather forecast widget for Elementor

This tool enhances your Elementor site by providing real-time weather updates. It’s versatile, allowing you to display weather for any location, and comes with several layout options for a seamless fit with your site’s design. It also offers short-term forecasts and customizable icons for different weather scenarios. Check out its live preview now!

Elementor Recent Posts Notification Widget

Recent Posts Notification Elementor widget

It’s like a gentle tap on the shoulder, reminding your readers of new stories to explore. This widget helps maintain a connection with your audience by encouraging them to stay engaged with fresh content. Click on the full preview to see how it can enhance your website.

Elementor Tags Cloud Widget

Elementor Tags Cloud widget

A visually engaging way to guide your website readers through the various taxonomies such as tags, categories, etc. on your Elementor website. This widget simplifies navigation, helping readers find content that interests them easily. See it live now by checking the demo page.

Content and Media: New Additions

Advanced Carousel Elementor Widget

Advanced Carousel Elementor widget

This year, we introduced the Advanced Carousel Widget, a flexible tool for showcasing images, videos, or custom templates. It’s like a rotating gallery, perfect for displaying a range of content in an engaging format. Ideal for highlighting portfolio products or featured articles, it’s become a favorite for its space-saving design. See it in action—visit our demo page!

Textual Showcase Elementor Widget

Textual Showcase Elementor widget

We also unveiled the Textual Showcase Widget, a creative way to blend text with visuals. This widget transforms standard text into unique displays by integrating images, icons, and animations. It’s more than just typography on your Elementor website; it’s about turning your message into a visual journey, making your site informative and visually stimulating. Check it out on our demo page and see the flair and finesse!

Embracing Trends with TikTok and Pinterest Widgets

Elementor TikTok Feed Widget

Elementor Tiktok Feed widget

Recognizing TikTok’s increase in popularity over the last couple of years, we saw an opportunity. Why not bring this vibrant, trendy platform to your WordPress Elementor-based website? So, we launched a journey to integrate TikTok into our plugin, adding advanced filtering options to tailor the experience to your needs. Step into the world of stunning TikTok Feed widget demos.

Elementor Pinterest Feed Widget

Pinterest Feed Elementor widget

In the world of design, fashion, and lifestyle, Pinterest reigns supreme. We understood the power of this visual platform and created a widget that lets your WordPress site become a canvas of inspiration and creativity. Explore our Pinterest Feed widget to see how it can transform your site.

New Section Addons and Global Features for Elementor in This Year’s Update

Tooltip Global Elementor Addon

Tooltip Global Elementor Addon

This new global addon lets you add tooltips to your website, providing extra information directly where needed. This new global addon lets you add tooltips to any Elementor element. Uncover the next level of browsing with our addon demo page.

Animated Shape Divider Elementor Addon

Animated Shape Divider Elementor Addon

This feature introduces animated dividers to your Elementor website, allowing for creative section separation with moving shapes and patterns. It adds a visual element to your site. Visit the demo page now!

Global Wrapper Link Elementor Feature

Wrapper Link Elementor global feature

This year, we introduced the Wrapper Link feature to Elementor. This tool allows users to make containers, sections, and columns clickable, making websites more interactive. Learn more about Elementor’s Wrapper Link from here.

New Additions and Major Updates

Premium Addons for Elementor 2023 additions and major updates are all about giving you more control and flexibility in design. A highlight of this update is the addition of six new presets and dozens of styling options across various widgets. Here’s a detailed look at the updates, including these new presets and styling options.

Addition: Pre-Designed Full Page Elementor Templates

Elementor Full Page Templates in Premium Templates

Our Premium Templates have seen an impressive expansion. We’ve introduced a range of ready-to-use, full-page designs. These templates are not just visually appealing but are crafted to meet various professional needs, ensuring you can quickly set up a website that looks both elegant and professional.

Major Updates

Elementor Testimonials Widget

Elementor Testimonials widget in Premium Addons

The updated Testimonials Widget now enables you to add multiple testimonials more effectively and select between four neat skins. The clear, authentic display of positive feedback is a powerful tool to build trust and credibility with your audience. Visit the demo page to see the new updates.

Elementor Divider Widget

Elementor Divider facelift

The widget has undergone substantial improvements. With new control options, users can now customize dividers more precisely, and be able to add animated and drawable SVG dividers. Improved loading times to ensure that the use of dividers does not negatively impact page speed, thus maintaining optimal website performance. Check its live demo page now!

Elementor Google Maps Widget

Elementor Google Maps widget

We’ve significantly upgraded our Google Maps Widget. It now boasts new design options for location markers and integrates seamlessly with Elementor Carousel widget, offering a more interactive experience for visitors on your Elementor-based sites.

Elementor Contact Form 7 Widget

Elementor Contact Form 7 widget

We’ve added six new presets to the Contact Form 7 Widget, making it quicker and easier to set up forms the way you want them. Plus, there are a lot more options for how these forms can look, with lots of new styles to choose from. Want to see it in action? Visit our demo page now!

Minor Updates

Magnet Effect

By integrating the idea of a snappy magnet effect feature of Elementor Image Hotspots Widget. When Premium Custom Mouse Cursor global feature is activated in any Elementor section, column, or the Image Hotspots widget itself, the Magnet Effect comes into play. This effect not only draws the cursor to the hotspots with a magnetic snappy effect but also changes the appearance of the mouse cursor. This dual functionality makes it a highly effective tool for web designers aiming to create interactive and user-friendly websites.

Particles Addon for the Whole Elementor Page

This minor update introduces Elementor Particles Addon, bringing a touch of elegant and modern design to the entire Elementor page. It’s a simple yet impactful way to elevate your site’s overall look and feel.


Looking back at 2023, we’ve focused on making your website work better for you. Beyond the Elementor Magazine Widgets Bundle, we added some new widgets for showing TikTok and Pinterest feeds, recognizing their current popularity. We also improved some of our older widgets, like the Google Maps widget, and introduced new updates like the Testimonials and Contact Form 7 widgets. Plus, we came out with a bunch of ready-made full-page designs to help you get your site up and running quickly. We aimed to make building and managing your website less about dealing with complicated tech and more about being creative and connecting with your audience. This year, we’ve worked hard to make that happen.

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