You are currently viewing Introducing Elementor Animated Shape Divider Addon & Elementor Testimonials Update Widget

Introducing Elementor Animated Shape Divider Addon & Elementor Testimonials Update Widget

Premium Addons v 4.10.12 and Premium Addons PRO v 2.9.8 for Elementor Page Builder are coming with some exciting new additions and features!

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Explore how Premium Addons’ Elementor Shape Divider Addon enhances your WordPress website’s design with unique shapes and visit the demo page.

Boost trust and credibility with our updated Premium Testimonials Widget, showcasing user testimonials with images and customizable content fields in WordPress.

Explore our latest WordPress features, including personalized WooCommerce product control and interactive Multi Scroll, along with HTML error fixes for cleaner code. Stay tuned for more Elementor and WordPress updates!

Transform WordPress Design with Elementor Shape Divider Addon

Elementor Animated Shape Divider Addon

In WordPress design, the details matter. Premium Addons’ Elementor Animated Shape Divider Addon offers a variety of shapes, including custom SVGs, to add a unique flair to your website. You can easily fine-tune the style and positioning to seamlessly integrate these dividers.

Elevate your site effortlessly – visit the demo page now!

Premium Testimonials Widget New Update

Premium Testimonials got a new dress

Enhance your website with the latest Premium Testimonials Widget updates! Now, you can effortlessly showcase single or multiple user testimonials, complete with images, names, and customizable content fields. Build trust and boost your website’s credibility.

Try it now and see the impact for yourself! Visit the demo page to get started.

New Features and Fixes for a Smoother Experience

version 2.9.8 updates and fixes

Woo Product Display Condition: Control elements based on purchased WooCommerce products for a personalized experience.

Custom Icons: Choose unique icons for the Recent Posts Notification widget when there are no recent posts.

Interactive Multi Scroll: Navigate Multi Scroll widget slides using elements for engaging websites.

Fixes: Resolved HTML validation errors in the Table widget, ensuring cleaner and compliant code.

We’re committed to enhancing your web design experience. Reach out for support or share your feedback. Stay tuned for more updates!


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  1. NAON

    Can i use premium add on using cache plugins without break the design?

    1. Abanob

      Please try to navigate to your WP Dashboard -> Premium Addons -> Widgets & Addons tab, disable Dynamic Assets Generate switcher and let me know.

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