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Meet Elementor SVG Draw The Newly Added Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Are you a web designer who looks to build spectacular Elementor-based websites and wonder how to do that? Well, there are already tons of creative features that could be found in both Elementor Page Builder and Premium Addons for Elementor that help have more than good-looking websites at almost no cost! But today, we’d really love to say that Premium Addons V 4.9.26 is announcing the release of SVG Draw, the newly added Elementor widget which comes for FREE with advanced exclusive customization options.

Find Google Font to SVG Path Feature Within Elementor SVG Draw Widget

Dive deeper into this article to get to know more about this Elementor widget but before you do that, you can go and take a look at the widget’s demo page by visiting this link.

What Does The SVG Mean in Web Design?

SVG is referring to Scalable Vector Graphics and it is used to define the vector-based elements for the web. Basically, the SVGs are an XML markup language, meaning you can create and edit them using any text editor like Brackets, Sublime Text, etc, or any drawing software like Adobe Illustrator.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Why Using SVGs on a Website?

Mainly, the SVG is an image format that is used for vector-based graphics. Having SVG elements on your web page will assure successful responsive layouts because they can be resized smoothly with absolutely no worries about losing the quality. Additionally, they are much lighter than the JPEG and PNG formats in terms of size.

Vector Graphics (SVG) VS Raster Images (GIF, JPEG, and PNG) Quality Comparison

SVG Draw The New Free Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Premium Addons – the Free WordPress plugin developed for Elementor Page Builder – will allow you to implement animated SVGs into your Elementor-based website by choosing whether if you want to add ready-to-use FontAwesome icons or to add your own custom SVG icon.

Elementor SVG Draw Widget Works With Mouse Hover

Additionally, you’ll get the ability to make Google Fonts drawn on your Elementor webpage by using Google Fonts to SVG Path website which will allow you to adjust the text you want to be drawn easily in no time and with no effort!

All of those advanced features are coming for FREE with absolutely no cost! Get Premium Addons for Elementor and give this widget a try.

Elementor SVG Draw and Premium Addons Widgets

The good news is that, the SVG Draw is not only just a new widget, it is added as an option to multiple Premium Addons Free and PRO widgets to give you the full freedom to have drawn SVG icons/elements using various widgets and not only just one widget. You can easily find and use the new Elementor SVG Draw within the following widgets:

Premium Addons Free WidgetsPremium Addons PRO Widgets
Premium ButtonPremium Image Layers
Premium Image ButtonPremium Icon Box
Premium Image SeparatorPremium 3D Hover Box
Premium CounterPremium Divider
Premium Progress BarPremium iHover
Premium HeadingPremium Image Accordion
Premium Bullet ListPremium Image Hotspots
Premium Pricing TablePremium Magic Section
Premium Modal BoxPremium Alert Box
Premium Preview Window
Premium Tabs
Premium WhatsApp Chat
Premium Parallax Section Add-on
This Table Clarifies Where You Can Find the SVG Draw Option Within Premium Addons Free and PRO Widgets


You may see that drawing SVG icon is not something new in the web design field but it is surely one of the most usable design trends, especially for web creators who always looking for something attractive and unique to grab visitors’ attention. But, what if you are not a web developer and you want to add something like this to your Elementor website? For that reason, we have developed the Elementor SVG Draw widget so you can use it with absolutely no need for any coding knowledge or any custom code. Easy peasy!

If you want to learn how to use this newly added Elementor widget, check the SVG Draw Elementor widget’s tutorial.

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