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Elementor Google Maps Widget Got a New Outfit!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of powerful improvements applied to the Google Maps Elementor widget in Premium Addons plugin. Those advanced improvements will make it easier than ever to add and customize Google Maps on your WordPress Elementor-based website. Don’t miss checking out Google Maps new demo page by visiting this link.

Additionally, we’d love to keep you aware of the improvements applied to the Elementor Magic Scroll and Display Conditions global features. Keep reading this article to get to know more about what’s included in Premium Addons’ latest update.

What’s New in Elementor Google Maps Widget?

Elementor Google Maps widget improved
Premium Google Maps for Elementor Page Builder

During the past few weeks, we worked hard on taking the Google Maps Elementor widget to a brand-new level. Why?! Because we care about you and your design journey, no matter if you are a developer, web designer, or someone who doesn’t have any coding skills, no worries, we got all of your back!

01. Brand New Marker Info Skins

This is our most beloved improvement that happened to the Elementor Google Maps widget. This candy option is called “Advanced Skins”, once you switch it on, you will be able to select from 3 different pre-built skins/layouts: Google Default, Inline Skin, and Block Skin. Select and use the one that suits you the most, all are responsive and fully ready to be used!

New skins added to Premium Google Maps marker
New Marker Info Layouts Added to Elementor Google Maps Widget

Moreover, you will be able to fill out four advanced fields to display the business Address, Website, Phone Number, and Working Hours, besides, the default description text area which was already included before within the Google Maps Elementor widget.

That’s it? No, of course not! You’ll find a super “Get Direction” button implemented in all of the skins. Once you click on this button, you will be redirected to the Google Maps platform with a route of how you can reach the location.

02. Google Maps & Elementor Carousel Widgets! 🤔

In a need of displaying multiple locations on Google Maps with detailed content for each one of those locations, we thought that this could be done when combining Premium Google Maps and Carousel Elementor widgets together.

Display Detailed Content Using Elementor Google Maps and Carousel Widgets

With ease, you can add any type of content built with any Elementor widget and seamlessly make it work with Elementor Google Maps using the Carousel widget. Furthermore, you’ll get the ability to explore the Carousel content using its navigation controls or by clicking on your Google Maps location markers. See a live example on the widget’s demo page by visiting this link.

Need a tutorial? Click on this link to get a detailed documentation article explaining how you can use any Elementor widget to navigate through the Carousel widget slides.

03. Further Improvements

The new marker skins and the compatibility with Elementor Carousel widget were not the only improvements applied to the Google Maps widget, but we also enhanced some of the widget’s controls like setting a custom icon to the Google Maps marker clusters, load the map when the widget is visible on the viewport and more. Don’t miss giving those new features a try by installing and activating Premium Addons on your WordPress website.

Elementor Magic Scroll Responsive Behavior Innovation

Magic Scroll add-on responsive behavior improved
Advanced Improvements are Applied to the Elementor Magic Scroll Responsive Behavior

The Magic Scroll Elementor Add-on is one of the Premium Addons’ big additions. We worked so hard to deliver such a tool as this to help web creators around the globe build – literally – standout WordPress Elementor-based websites with almost ZERO coding knowledge.

As a matter of continuous enhancements, we’d love to announce that we improved the behavior of “Lock Page Scroll Until Animation Ends” option on responsive/touch screens.

If you didn’t hear about the Elementor Magic Scroll Global Addon yet, we are inviting you to visit the add-on’s demo page from this link.

Time Range Elementor Display Condition Got Improved!

Time Range display condition improved
An Improvement is Applied to Time Range Elementor Display Condition

We believe in non-stop renovation, we listen to our audience considering their needs in a matter of helping them reach the most out of their web creation experience through Elementor Page Builder and Premium Addons for Elementor the free WordPress plugins.

We think you wonder, what is the improvement applied to the Time Range Display Condition? Well, now you can use the Time Range to show/hide any type of Elementor content before or even after a specific time.

Don’t miss taking a tour to explore all of the display conditions included in Premium Addons by visiting this link. Additionally, make sure to find out what other Global Features you can get when installing and activating Premium Addons on your WordPress website. Click here to visit Premium Addons Global Features for Elementor Page Builder.


In conclusion, the updates applied to the Elementor Google Maps widget, Magic Scroll, and Display Conditions Elementor Global Add-ons have brought much-needed controls and usability improvements to the Elementor users out there. Those improvements will make things easier as they bring a lot of convenience in design and development without compromising the user experience. And, as a fact, they help save time by avoiding the custom coding hassles, so you can focus only on what matters most; creating stunning WordPress Elementor-based websites!

Most of the updates mentioned above in this article are coming for FREE at no cost! But, if you want to have them all, besides, 60+ Elementor Widgets, Section Add-ons, and Global Features, you can get Premium Addons PRO at an incredibly affordable price.

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