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Elementor Mega Menu Widget Got Massive Improvements

As a team in Premium Addons, we are always looking for and working on delivering the top features that will help put you on the right track to get a decent WordPress Elementor-Based website with an absolutely minimum effort.

Today, we’d like to announce that Elementor Mega Menu Widget got huge enhancements. Now, you can create and build the website menu that you desire using Elementor Mega Menu widget developed by Premium Addons for Elementor, the FREE WordPress plugin. In this blog post, we will dive together to explore those enhancements.

NEW: Sticky and Collapsed Menu Added to Elementor Mega Menu Widget.

Let’s start with the new options that have been added to help you create exceptional and unique menus for your website.

1. Elementor’s Sticky Menu Option is Now Available to be Used With The Horizontal Menu Layout

Sticky Menu Option is Currently Available in Premium Mega Menu Elementor Widget

As you know, the Sticky menu is a fixed menu that remains visible all the time at the top of a webpage while scrolling the page up or down. Now, you can create a Sticky Hoirozntal Menu in Elementor Mega Menu widget. See a live example by visiting the widget’s demo page from here.

2. The Vertical Menu Layout is Now Supports Collapsible Menu Type

A Collapsed menu is a menu that has the menu items displayed vertically where you can collapse it down to get access to the full menu items existing in this list. Premium Mega Menu Elementor widget will allow you to insert a Collapsed menu on your Elementor website and select if you want it to be opened by default, upon a Mouse Hover, or Mouse Click.

Display a Collapsed Vertical Menu Items Using Elementor Mega Menu Widget

Mega Menu Responsive Behavior Greatly Improved

Making your Elementor Mega Menu Widget appear good on different devices and screen sizes has always been a challenge. These issues no longer exist since we updated how the menu behaves on touch devices by applying the following enhancements:

  • IMPROVED the navigation menu behavior on responsive devices.
  • IMPROVED compatibility with RTL websites on touch screens.

Elementor Mega Menu Widget Options Rearranged for Better Usability

We’ve restructured most of the options in Premium Mega Menu widget for easier workflow. Now, it’s easier to find the options, and they have been organized to speed up your design process and get better usability while using this Elementor widget to build your next navigation menu.


If you already started using Premium Mega Menu Elementor widget since it got released a couple of months ago, then after this update, you will get a brand new experience when creating or editing your Elementor Navigation Menu widget. You will also get the ability to build a Sticky or Collapsible menu on your Elementor website and experience a better arrangement for the already existing options for good and faster usability Mobile always comes first. So, Elementor Mega Menu is now more compatible with touch devices.

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