You are currently viewing Introducing: New Elementor Website Logo Widget and More to be Discovered!

Introducing: New Elementor Website Logo Widget and More to be Discovered!

As a Premium Addons team, we always seek to introduce creative and easy ways to help you create stunning and unique Elementor websites, at the same time keep your website speed high.

And, today we are excited to announce that Premium Addons PRO v2.8.12 is coming with a brand new widget called Elementor Site Logo. This widget allows you to upload a creative logo to your Elementor website using an Image, SVG + Draw SVG, or Lottie Animations.

Additionally, the Elementor Instagram Feed widget now has a new caching option. What does that mean? This means that your Instagram posts will load much faster on your Elementor web pages.

We are inviting you to visit the new Elementor’s Website Logo widget’s demo page by clicking here. And, don’t miss giving a try to the Instagram Feed Elementor widget with its new caching option.

Get an Interactive Website Logo Using the Draw SVG Option

SVG and Draw SVG options for the Site Logo Widget

A great practice is to upload your website logo as an SVG image because this gives your brand a more sophisticated, one-of-a-kind appearance. SVG images are also very scalable and therefore you are able to enlarge or reduce the size without losing its quality in any way.

But for us, it wasn’t enough, we wanted to add an option to create a terrific website logo, that’s why we added the SVG Draw option to the Elementor Site Logo widget to be able to animate your Elementor website logo in just simple steps without any coding background.

Need more details? Click here to get to know more about how you can do that.

Start Using Lottie Files as Your Elementor Website Logo

Elementor Website Logo widget is giving you the ability to add a Lottie Animation file to be placed as a logo for your Elementor website. You can select from the library or you can add your own Lottie Animation if you already have one.

Lottie Animation option for the Site Logo Widget

Want to Use a Regular Logo Image or Have a Text Logo?

The Site Logo widget gives you the option to upload your logo as a simple PNG/JPG image, and the ability to upload a high-resolution version of your logo to work on devices that have a Retina display.

And, if you want to add a text/title and tagline to your logo, Elementor Site Logo widget will seamlessly allow you to do that using both Logo Title and Tagline options with full customization options that give you the freedom to adjust its appearance that way that match your brand’s identity.

Elementor Site Logo widget with the retina image option
Image option for site Logo widget

Why Retina Image is Important for Your Website Logo?

Retina images are high-resolution images that have a pixel density of at least 300 PPI (pixels per inch), which provides a high-quality viewing experience by using pixels that are twice as dense as standard images, making them look sharper and clearer on devices with high-resolution displays.

Using The Elementor Site Logo widget, you can upload a Retina image for your website logo, and it’s important because the majority of the new devices have Retina displays. So, when you create a responsive Elementor website for those devices, you have to make sure that the image logo you use for them has a Retina display for the best viewing quality.

New Caching Option Added to Elementor Instagram Feed Widget.

We always place great importance on widgets’ speed performance while developing Premium Addons widgets. And always seek to optimize our widgets for fast loading time to give the best user experience.

That’s why we added caching option to the Instagram Feed widget allows you to cache the Instagram feed posts on your website. Using this feature, your website will be able to load the feed in less time, which will lead to a faster loading site and, therefore, better ranking on search engines.

New caching option at the Instagram feed widget
Instagram Feed widget caching option


Elementor Site Logo widget will simply give you the ability to add a logo to your Elementor website header or even you can add it anywhere across your Elementor website. And, with advanced and unique options, you’ll enjoy having a more than sophisticated logo by using both the SVG Draw and LottieFiles. This widget has recently joined Premium Addons PRO family so, make sure to give it a try and let us know what you think of it!

On the other hand, Elementor Instagram Feed widget is now working faster than ever before after adding the new caching option that will greatly enhance the loading speed. You can go and take a look at the Instagram Feed demo page by visiting this link.

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