Can’t Insert Elementor Templates in Premium Addons

Premium Addons for Elementor plugin offers a huge variety of Elementor Section and Full-page Templates on both Free and PRO versions. if you are wondering how to use them take a look on this article.

In this article, we will show how to solve the issue that the templates popup closes after clicking “Insert Template” and no content is added to the page.

1- Make Sure needed widgets are enabled

All the widgets used in the template you want to insert in your Elementor page must be enabled.

To do that navigate to your WP Dashboard -> Premium Addons -> Widgets & Addons tab and make sure all the elements are enabled.

Premium Addons widgets and addons tab
Enable All widgets in Premium Addons

2- Enable Elementor Flexbox Container

We recently started to use Elementor Flexbox Container element in the new templates we create and converting the old ones that were built using Elementor Section element.

Flexbox Containers because it’s better for your site speed and performance.

To enable Elementor Flexbox Container feature, navigate to your WP Dashboard -> Elementor -> Settings -> Features tab, scroll down to Flexbox Container and change it to Active.

Elementor Flex Box Option
Enable Elementor Flexbox Container Feature

3- Install Contact Form 7 plugin

If you are trying to insert a full-page template, then you need to make sure that Contact Form 7 plugin is installed.

To do that navigate to your WP Dashboard ->Plugins -> Add new -> in the search bar type “contact form 7” then click install and activate

Contact Form 7 Plugin
Install Contact Form 7 Plugin

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