Elementor Premade Section Templates Tutorial

Premium Addons for Elementor plugin offers an ever-growing Elementor Section Templates Library available on both Premium Addons Free and PRO versions. Browse, preview, and insert the template you like in your page/post with just ONE click. Premium Templates for Elementor is a great tool that can help you to build a  professional layout in minutes.

In this article, we will show in details how you can use Elementor Premium Templates. You can have a look on the demo page from Premium Templates

Enable Premium Elementor Templates Feature

Premium Templates has been added to the free version of Premium Add-ons since v3.6.0. So, before we get started, just make sure that Premium Templates is enabled by navigation to your WP Dashboard -> Premium Add-ons for Elementor -> Global Features, and enable Premium Templates feature switcher.

Enable Elementor Section Templates Feature in Premium Addons

Now, to start using an Elementor Premium Template, just go to any Elementor page on your website. You should find a new icon to insert Premium Templates next to Elementor Add New Section and Add Template icons.

Premium Templates for Elementor Icon

How to Filter Premium Elementor Templates

  • Filter By Category (Blurbs, Call to Actions, etc.)
Filter Elementor Section Templates By Category
  • Filter Widget/Addon (Image Layers, Horizontal Scroll, Image Layers, etc.)
Filter Elementor Section Templates By Widget

Preview Premium Templates for Elementor

Premium Templates allows you to have a live preview of the template before inserting so you can see all the hover effects, mouse animations, etc.

Preview Elementor Premium Templates

Inserting Elementor Templates with Media

Inserting a Premium Template is a piece of cake. Actually, all you need to do is to click on Premium Templates icon, select the template you need and click Insert Template to insert template with Media.

How to Insert Premium Elementor Templates Without Images

Since v4.8.7, we have added a new option in Premium Templates to insert templates without media files. This option lets you insert the templates with all the media files (images, videos and Lottie animation JSON files) replaced by a placeholder to prevent loading those files into your Media Library. You can do that just by clicking “Insert w/o Images” button instead of “Insert Template” button.

Inserting Elementor Template Without Media in Elementor Page

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