How to add a Wishlist Icon in Elementor Woo Products Listing Widget?

If you’re working with Woo Products Listing widget by Premium Addons for Elementor and want to enhance your WooCommerce product presentation, adding a Wishlist icon can be an impactful addition.

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to use MC Wishlist plugin wishlist icon using Premium Addons for Elementor to add a wishlist icon in your WooCommerce Products Listing.

Before we start, we recommend visiting Elementor Woo Products Listing widget documentation article to get to know more about this Elementor widget and the options included in it.


  • Make sure that Premium Addons PRO is enabled.
  • Install and activate Elementor PRO as well.
  • Also, you will need the MC Wishlist plugin installed and activated on your website.
  • Premium Addons works only with the Elementor Page Builder plugin, so you will need to have it installed and activated as well.

Add Premium Addons’ Woo Products

Search for Premium Addons’ Woo Products in the search box located in the Elementor menu and add the displayed element to the page with drag and drop.

Adding Premium Addons Woo Products widget by Elementor
Adding Premium Addons Woo Products Widget

Now, if you have activated the MC Wishlist, the plugin can automatically Add the wishlist icon in WooCommerce. You can view your products with the wishlist button.

Please note that if you want to change the appearance or position of the Add to Wishlist button, you must refer to the Wishlist button settings.

Woo Products widget with MC wishlist buttons
Woo Products Widget With MC Wishlist Buttons

As a bonus step, MC Wishlist works alone, but the premium version of the MC Wishlist plugin has a more attractive feature called MC Multilist. Using the MC Multi List feature, the user can categorize their products and add them to their list, which makes the site more visible.

Using the multi-list is also as easy as using the wishlist, just enable this feature from the Multilist settings.

MC Multilist Option
MC Multilist Option


To sum up, this tutorial showcased the ease of integrating a Wishlist Button using Premium Addons for Elementor in WooCommerce, bypassing the need for coding skills.

The dynamic coupling of MC Lists plugin with Elementor introduces various possibilities. Utilizing tools like Multilist, Next Purchase Cart, and Waitlist buttons can supercharge your website’s sales potential.

Furthermore, Elementor empowers you with advanced animations and appearance tweaks directly in its settings. Unleash your creativity, and we await your contributions in our Facebook Group, where designers inspire one another.

If you still need any further assistance, feel free to contact Premium Addons support team. We would be more than glad to help 😁

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