You are currently viewing Introducing Elementor Magazine Widgets Bundle

Introducing Elementor Magazine Widgets Bundle

Premium Addons 4.10.0 and Premium Addons PRO 2.9.0 for Elementor Page Builder are coming with some exciting new additions and features!

The new versions of Elementor Premium Addons Free and Pro come with six brand-new widgets. World Clock, News Ticker, Smart Post Listing, Recent Posts Notification, Tags Cloud and Weather Forecast Explore the endless possibilities and engage your audience like never before, all while optimizing your SEO effortlessly.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your website with Premium Addons and elevate your online presence.

Master Time Zones with Elementor World Clock Widget

Get the Time any place using Elementor World Clock

Introducing Elementor World Clock widget. This widget helps you to get the time from any place and show it on your Elementor website. You can select between 4 Analog and 3 Digital Clock neat layouts with its seamless integration with Elementor. Not just that, you can show time from any time zone.

Premium World Clock widget is very useful if you are running a multinational business on your WordPress website because it has the option to display the time of the current location or any location in the entire world.

We are inviting you to go and see the live World Clock widget’s different layouts.

Capture Attention with Elementor News Ticker Widget

Keep your Visitors always updated using Elementor News Ticker widget

Presenting the revolutionary News Ticker Widget. This widget empowers you to create advanced post tickers on your WordPress website.

This widget allows you to get real-time updates on gold and stock prices, as well as exchange rates for different currencies. This versatile widget is compatible with custom post types, providing you with the flexibility to tailor the news ticker to suit your unique content perfectly.

Discover our News Ticker widget in action by checking the demo page.

Elevate Your Content Display with Elementor Smart Post Listing Widget

Your own posts design using Elementor Smart Posts Listing
Your Customized Posts Layouts Using Elementor Smart Post Listing

Effortlessly enhance your website’s visual appeal and gain complete control over post layouts! This powerful widget is designed to empower users of Elementor and WordPress, offering key features for creating custom post designs using the Loop Item option, designing stunning grid layouts with the Grid Builder, and seamlessly showcasing custom post types.

Unlock the full potential of your Elementor and WordPress-powered website, captivate your audience, and elevate your post displays to visually captivating experiences with the Advanced Smart Post Listing Widget.

Experience the live Smart Post Listing and witness its exceptional functionality firsthand!

Keep your visitors synced with the latest news using Elementor Recent Posts Notification Widget

Introduce our recent posts notification for elementor page builder.
Never miss out by using Elementor Recent Posts Notification widget

Unique tool that enhances your website’s engagement! With three powerful features, this widget ensures that your visitors never miss out on your latest content. Show unseen posts directly to your website’s visitors, choose from four different post layouts to captivate their interest, and enjoy seamless compatibility with custom post types for Elementor page builder.

Upgrade your website today and create an unforgettable browsing experience with the Recent Post Notification widget. Get ready to boost engagement and drive more traffic to your valuable content. Don’t miss out on the live demonstration of our Recent Posts Notification widget!

Click the full preview to explore its functionality firsthand and see how it can enhance your website.

Enhance Content Categorization with Elementor Tags Cloud Widget

Elementor Tags Cloud layouts
Display website taxonomies by Elementor Tags Cloud widget

Our dynamic Elementor Tags Cloud widget seamlessly integrates with Elementor. It offers unparalleled flexibility in showcasing taxonomies for different post types. With four neat layouts, you can display tags in a visually appealing manner. Moreover, our tool is designed for WordPress users to empower them to efficiently manage and publish website content.

What’s more, this widget is fully compatible with custom post types, allowing you to tailor the tag cloud to suit your unique content. Experience the power of the Elementor Tags Cloud Widget by visiting our demo page and witnessing its versatility firsthand. Elevate your website’s tagging system and engage your visitors like never before.

See it live now by checking the demo page.

Stay Weather-ready with Elementor Weather Forecast Widget

Preview colorful Weather Forecast Elementor widget
Fully-responsive weather updates by Weather Forecast Elementor widget

The latest version of Premium Addons for Elementor plugin comes with Weather Forecast Elementor widget that helps you to show real-time weather updates on your Elementor website. With this widget, you can show weather information for any city or custom coordinates. With tons of customization options and more than four layouts, you will be able to show fully-responsive weather information on your WordPress website.

Not just that, you will be able to show the forecast data for the next few hours of the current day or the next days with the ability to add custom icons for each weather status (sunny, rainy, etc.)

Join us to witness the live Weather widget in action by visiting our live preview!


In conclusion, the new releases of Premium Addons’ Elementor Widgets offer a range of powerful features to enhance your Elementor experience. From the World Clock and Weather widgets for real-time updates, to the Recent Post Notification and Smart Post Listing widgets for engaging content display, to the Tags Cloud and News Ticker widgets for captivating visual elements – these additions elevate your website’s functionality and design. Upgrade your Elementor toolkit with Premium Addons’ exceptional widgets and unlock new possibilities to impress your audience, enhance user engagement, and stay ahead of the competition.

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