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Premium Addons 4.9.51 and Premium Addons PRO 2.8.22 for Elementor are coming with some exciting new additions and features!

Looking to improve your Elementor website’s performance and design? Check out the new Elementor Templates Portal to get a live preview of pre-built templates optimized to save your time and effort.

Also, we’d love to let you know that the Premium Social Feed widgets now include a caching option for faster loading times. Additionally, the Vertical Scroll widget has improved to be used with Elementor’s Flexbox Containers for faster rendering times.

So, if you’re an Elementor user looking to enhance your website’s performance and design, take advantage of these new features to create stunning websites quickly and efficiently. a New Portal to Browse Elementor Page and Section Templates

Browse Page and Section Templates Using The New Elementor Templates Portal to Browse Page and Section Templates. is a new live preview portal available to all WordPress users who use Elementor Page Builder. It’s a huge library of pre-designed yet advanced templates created by Premium Addons, the free WordPress plugin. These templates include ready-to-use Elementor landing pages, section templates, headers, and footers. In addition, you’ll get empowered with detailed information and requirements to get the template you need to add with no hassles.

It could be counted as a portal for Elementor templates to help users create professional-looking websites quickly, regardless of their experience level. The pre-built templates are optimized for speed, so all of them are totally ready to be used on your WordPress Elementor-based website.

So, if you’re looking to save time and create a stunning website, go and get a live preview of Premium Addons’ full page and section templates from our Templates Portal.

Caching Option Added to Premium Social Feed Widgets to Improve Loading Speed

Cheering animated characters celebrating the new update for Facebook and Behance Feed Widget on Premium Addons.
Facebook and Behance Feed Widget Improvement

If you’re using the Facebook or Behance Feed widgets on your Elementor website, you’ll be happy to know that a new caching option has been added to enhance loading speed. This option minimizes the load on the server, making the widgets much faster and more efficient. This means that visitors to your site will experience faster load times and a smoother user experience while interacting with Elementor’s famous social feed widgets.

Vertical Scroll Widget is Now Compatible with Elementor Flexbox Containers

Elementor Vertical Scroll Widget Got Improved
Elementor Vertical Scroll Widget Got Improved

Elementor’s Vertical Scroll widget can now be used in Flexbox Containers, reducing the amount of HTML markup on the page and resulting in faster rendering times. With this feature, you can create dynamic layouts and enhance your website’s performance. Take advantage of Flexbox Containers‘ layout flexibility and the Vertical Scroll widget’s dynamic scrolling functionality within the Elementor editor.

We are inviting you to go and see live Vertical Scroll examples by visiting this link!


In conclusion, Premium Addons has launched exciting new features in its latest release of Premium Addons 4.9.51 and Premium Addons PRO 2.8.22 for Elementor. Starting from the new Elementor Templates Portal, moving forward to the new caching option added to the Facebook and Behance Feed Elementor widgets, and the compatibility between the Elementor Vertical Scroll widget and Flexbox Containers. So, for all Elementor users, you can create visually stunning websites with faster loading and rendering times. These features are ideal for users of all experience levels looking to improve their website’s performance and design.

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