How to Create Facebook Application for Premium Facebook Messenger Widget

In this tutorial we will show how to create Facebook application to use in the Premium Facebook Messenger Widget for Elementor. This is a pre-tutorial for the Facebook Messenger Chat Widget tutorial.

Create Facebook App

So, to use the Elementor Facebook Messenger Chat Widget, you’re going to need to create an App ID from Facebook Developer and generate a unique App ID. So, follow these steps carefully.

An arrow points at create app in Facebook developer page
Facebook Developer Create App

What do you want your app to do: Select Other then click on Next.

Add use case in your app creation process
Facebook Developer Create App – Add Use Case

In the app type page, select Business then click on Next.

Select the app type page, select Business
Select Business as Your App Type
  • Add an app name: Set the Name of your New Facebook App.
  • Add contact email: Set an Email for communication about the App.
Set the name for the app and an email address for the app comunications
Add a Name and Contact Email Address
  • In your Facebook App page select Messenger, then click the Set Up button.
Select Messenger app and set it up
Select Messenger App
  • In Messenger Platform App Settings, Add your Facebook Page permissions in order for tokens to be generated, click the Add or Remove Pages button.
Arrow Points at "Add or Remove Pages" Button for Granting Permissions to Facebook Messenger Platform
Facebook Developer: Access Tokens, Add or Remove Pages
  • Select the Facebook Pages that you want to use in the Facebook Messenger App, then click Next.
Select which Facebook pages to use Messenger platform with.
Select Facebook Page to Use with Your Facebook Messenger App
  • Finish your Facebook App Set Up.
Screenshot for an Arrow Points at Button within Pop-up in Facebook Messenger Platform
Set Up Facebook App with Facebook Page

That’s All

If you still need any further assistance, feel free to contact the Premium Addons support team. We would be more than glad to help.

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