Elementor Global Tooltips Addon Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use Elementor Global Tooltips Addon by Premium Addons. The innovative way to guide users through your WordPress Elementor-based website’s content.

Elevate user engagement with interactive tooltips that provide context on hover. With the Elementor Global Tooltips Addon, you can go even further by adding icons, Lottie animations, text, or Elementor templates as tooltips for any Elementor element. Learn how to enrich your website’s user experience with this powerful addition.

Unveiling the Power of Elementor Global Tooltips Addon on the demo page.

Global Tooltips Elementor addon


Key Features

  • CSS Selector.
  • Content.
  • Style.
  • Settings.

How to Add Tooltips on Elementor Elements?

Elementor Global Tooltips Addon can be applied to any Elementor content by navigating to Content tab in Elementor elements, widgets, and columns then scrolling down to Premium Global Tooltips tab.

Enable Elementor Global ToolTips Addon On Elementor Container
Enable Elementor Global Tooltips Addon On Elementor Container

You can add Tooltip on Elementor elements using Premium Global Tooltips Addon under Content tab in widget settings.

Enable Elementor Global ToolTips Addon for Elementor Image Widget
Enable Elementor Global Tooltips Addon for Elementor Image Widget


Please note that Gallery, Elementor Template Tooltips Types requires Premium Addons PRO installed and activated on your website.

In Elementor Global Tooltips Addon, the tips can be Text, Gallery, Lottie, or Elementor Templates.

  • Text: Insert text to be shown in Tooltips.
    • Content Text
    • Add Icon
  • Gallery: Select the photos to be in the Tooltip Gallery.
  • Lottie Animations
    • Animation JSON URL.
    • Loop.
    • Reverse.
Elementor Global ToolTips Addons - Content
Elementor Global Tooltips Addon – Content
  • Elementor Template
    • Elementor template: Select from your saved templates.
    • CSS Navigation Selector: Add the CSS selector to be used in Global Tooltips tour.
    • First Step in The Tour: Enable to have Global Tooltips tour. (the steps related to the tooltips tour in this doc)
  • Hide Tooltip On: Select the platforms you want to hide it on.
Select Elementor template as Tooltip content
Elementor Global Tooltips Addon – Elementor Template



  • Text Color: Pick colors for the Tooltips text.
  • Typography: Adjust the Tooltips text font settings and style it.
  • Text Shadow: Adjust Tooltips text-shadow:
    • Color
    • Blur
    • Horizontal Position
    • Vertical Position


  • Size: Set the size of the Tooltips.
  • Image Fit: Select the image fit between cover, fill, or contain.


  • Size: Set the size of the Tooltips.


  • Box Shadow: Add a shadow around the container. Select the color and the following settings:
    • Horizontal Position
    • Vertical Position
    • Blur
    • Spread
    • Position: Outline or Inset
  • Background Type: Pick the background for the container.
    • Classic Background: Color or Image background.
    • Gradient Background: Set the background using gradient colors.
  • Border Type: Customize border settings for the container.
  • Border Radius: Add a radius for the border corner for the container.
  • Padding: Creates space around the container, inside of any defined borders.
  • Margin: Creates a space around the container, outside of any defined borders.
Elementor Global ToolTips Addons - Text Styling
Elementor Global Tooltips Addon – Style


Please note that Mouse Follow requires Premium Addons PRO installed and activated on your website.
  • Mouse Follow: Enable to make the tooltips to follow the mouse.
  • Interactive: Enable to give users the possibility to interact with the content of the tooltip.
  • Show Arrow: Enable to show arrow under the tooltips.
  • Trigger: Select the trigger to be on click or by mouse hover.
  • Position: Select the ToolTips position to be on the top, bottom, right, and left.
  • Spacing: Set the spacing between the tooltip and the origin.
  • Min Width: Set the minimum width of the tooltip.
  • Height: Set the height of the tooltip.
  • Animation: You may select the animation of the tooltip between fade, grow, swing, slide, or fall.
  • Delay: Set the delay of the animation in seconds.
  • Z-index: Set the Z-index of the tooltip.
Elementor Global Tooltips Addons Settings: Mouse follow, Interactive, show arrow, trigger, etc.
Elementor Global Tooltips Addon – Settings


In summary, Elementor Global Tooltips Addon by Premium Addons revolutionizes WordPress web design. Its seamless integration of interactive tooltips across all Elementor widgets and columns enhances user guidance and engagement. By harnessing the power of tooltips, you can create a dynamic, informative, and captivating user experience that sets your website apart. Embrace this innovative tool to stay at the forefront of web design trends and take your WordPress site to new heights.

We hope we were able to help you through this guide. Check out the rest of the Global Features in Premium Addons.

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