Plugin Settings


Elements tab is where you can enable/disable PA elements on Elementor Builder. Disabling the elements you don’t use will also exclude them from the code so it will improve the website performance and loading speed.

Google Maps API

you need to add Google Maps API Key here for the maps element to work properly. Click Here to learn how to use maps element.

Enable Maps API JS file

This options is enabled by default in order for the maps to work properly. In case you already entered you Google Maps API Key in another place on your website like the theme you use or another plugin you can uncheck this box to avoid loading the API JS file twice.

Version Control

Here you can control your PA version.

Rollback to Previous Version

You can use this option if after updating to the latest version you experienced issues. clicking on this button will reinstall the earlier version automatically.

Become a Beta Tester

Turn-on Beta Tester, to get notified when a new PA beta version. released The Beta version will not install automatically. You always have the option to ignore it.

Please Note: We do not recommend updating to a beta version on production sites.

System Info

This tab gather or your system information for purposes like debugging and support. You may be asked to provide this information appears here when you request support from us.

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