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Media Grid Now Supports Videos and Images

We are so exited to announce that our most loved image grid Elementor widget now supports videos as well. It became very easy now to created mixed galleries with images and videos inside Elementor with this fully featured Elementor widget. More over this widget comes 100% free inside Premium Addons for Elementor Plugin.

Create Video Showreels inside Elementor

With Elementor Media Grid widget now you can create professional video showreels inside Elementor Page Builder. It supports YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos. with many controls, customization options and styles you can create an amazing video showreel featuring your work. Click Here to check Media Grid usage examples.

Create Portfolios & Image Galleries

Beside videos you still can create eye-catching image galleries, company portfolios and many other applications that you will certainly need for any business website you are building. Media grid is also essential for graphic designers, web designers, photographer and freelancers websites that need to have photo Galleries, work samples, clients portfolios, etc.

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