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  • Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget
  • Horizontal Scroll Elementor Widget
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  • Premium Horizontal Scroll Widget for Elementor
  • Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget
  • Horizontal Scroll Widget for Elementor

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Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget is the first widget of its kind for Elementor and WordPress that makes building advanced horizontal scroll pages possible with no coding all all.

Developed With Love and Patience

Unique Elementor Widget Tailored Just for You

  • Horizontal Scroll Widget
  • Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget
  • Premium Addons Horizontal Scroll Widget for Elementor
  • Horizontally Scroll Widget for Elementor

Easy to Customize

Horizontal scroll widget for Elementor is fully customizable  and very easy to use. You can use it to create an entire page or to include a horizontal scroll within a page.

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Fully Responsive

Elementor horizontal scroll widget is 100% responsive. You will get the exact same user experience on your mobile and tablet like your PC.

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Premium Addons Has So Much Love from All Over The World

Creating advanced Elementor widgets like Horizontal Scroll Elementor widget takes allot of time and effort to make it perfect. But the result is our users satisfaction which makes it worth the effort. We always try to create new and unique widgets which users actually need.

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Horizontal Scroll Widget
Horizontal Scroll Widget

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  • Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget
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Premium Addons Horizontal Scroll Widget

Uniquely Coded

Advanced Options Included in Horizontal Scroll Widget

Elementor horizonatl scroll widget includes allot of advanced options that you never find in any other similar Elementor widget. Furthermore you will never find such a widget in any other WordPress page builder. 

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Do You Have Multiple Sections?

Pssst! Look There is Horizontal Scroll Again.. Insert It Inside Your Landing Page

I can not for the life of me, tell you how much I love these guys, there so proactive and any question is never a dumb one, I wished more companies followed in their footsteps, as many can learn from them!
Premium Addons for Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget
WordPress Participant
I am using Premium add-ons for some time and it was the first time when I needed help. They have a great support system, in 5 days they integrated WHAT I WANTED and they put it there for me in the next release. A really good team of people.
Premium Horizontal Scroll Widget
WordPress Participant
Great Widgets, Great Support, Great Product. Requested new variation on Widget, Not sure if they already had it in their pipeline, but taken on board, and to be released shortly. What more can you ask. Support is excellent.
Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget
WordPress Participant
With this plugin, I was able to make your site very beautiful. Everything works correctly. You will not regret if you install it. Thanks to the developers for their excellent work.
Horizontal Scroll
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Developed and Created With Love and Patience

We spent an entire month to make Horizontal Scroll Elementor Widget looks perfect on mobiles and tablets. Almost all websites / templates that have horizontal scroll they just make it act as carousel on mobile devices which was not acceptable att all for us.

That’s why we decided to spend more time to give the mobile user the same experience and interaction they find on computers. 


Responsive is Considered in Every Step We Take

That’s beside the advanced and unique responsive controls which was especially tailored. for Horizontal scroll as we know that web designers will need to heavily customize their design  to fit small mobile screen that has a different aspect ratio than the computer screen.

One of the nice ideas we implemented is the responsive control that allows you to decide how many columns will appear on mobile screen viewport.


Make Your Landing Pages Standout from The Crowd

We totally understand that horizontal scroll website layout will not work for all landing pages. But for some specific uses it will be super useful to impress your website visitors with something different than the norm. especially the websites of highly creative firms.

Also if you just need horizontal scroll it be a part of your regular vertical scroll website this is doable with horizontal scroll widget as you can add it within the page and it will just switch from vertical to horizontal scroll in this part you added then will go back to vertical scroll with no lagging or flickering.

Thirsty for More?!

Hey! There is More to Check Check Out Another Creative Demo Built With Horizontal Scroll Widget

Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget

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