Why I’m not able to see Elementor Font Awesome 5 icons in Premium Add-ons ?

Since Elementor v2.6.0, Font Awesome icon library was updated to v5.

The idea behind updating Font Awesome to v5 is giving Elementor users the ability to choose between over 1500+ icons.

In order to update Font Awesome version, you should have received the update notification message

Elementor Font Awesome Migration

After hitting the Update button, you will be redirected to your dashboard -> Elementor > Tools page. Here you will find the Migrate to Font Awesome 5 button

When  you click Migrate to Font Awesome 5 button, you’ll be prompted with the last popup reminding you this action is irreversible and reverting back to older version will not undo the migration.

Elementor Font Awesome Migration

For further reading about Font Awesome 5 migration, please check Elementor Font Awesome 5 Migration doc article.

In some cases, you may not be able to see Font Awesome icons in Premium Add-ons for Elementor widgets. So, here’s how you can resolve that:

This usually happens when Font Awesome 4 icons are used in the widget, it can be resolved by navigating to your dashboard -> Elementor -> Settings -> Advanced tab, then enable “Load Font Awesome 4 support” option.

Elementor Font Awesome Migration

Note: If you didn’t update to FA5, Premium Addons for Elementor widgets that use FA4 icons will still continue to work, but you will not be able to change the icons.

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