Preview Window Widget Tutorial

How To Use Preview Window Widget

Premium Preview Image Widget is one of the off-grid widgets that allows you to display extra information for images you display once they are hovered by the visitor. Website visitors don’t like to be distracted with a lot of flashy content. Too much clutter is not good for the eye and here comes the Preview Window widget. It shows the content when the visitor just hover on an image that he/she got interested in.

Customizing Preview Window Widget

  • Trigger: customize the triggering image features by resizing it, attaching it to a link or aligning it the way you want.
  • Preview Window: set a preview window image, title, description, alignment and size.
  • Advanced Settings: set a tooltip theme, adjust the sides of the tooltip and also animate the preview window image.
Elementor Preview Window Widget

Styling the Premium Preview Window Widget

  • Trigger Image: basic adjustments for the trigger image such as background color, border settings, margins and paddings.
  • Trigger Image Caption: set a trigger image caption and adjust its attributes such as text color, shadow color, border settings, margins and paddings.
  • Preview Window Content, Preview Window Image, Preview Window Container: styling the preview window content, main image as well as the whole container. You can choose the background color and the border settings for each of these attributes.