Modal Box Widget Tutorial

How To Use Modal Box Widget

Premium Modal Box element allows you to create call to action buttons along with modal boxes opens upon clicking on it. With many customization options available.

Customizing the Premium Modal Box Widget

  • Header Toggle: this is to enable/disable the modal box title.
  • Content: edit text and enable/disable close buttons.
  • Display Options: choose the item which you would like to trigger the modal box to appear.

Styling the Premium Modal Box Widget

  • Trigger: basic adjustments for the trigger item such as foreground color, background color, font settings and border settings.
  • Heading: choose a color and a font style for your modal box title.
  • Upper and Lower Close Buttons: style the close buttons of the modal box.
  • Modal Box Settings: adjust the width, overlay color, content background color, footer color, border settings and margins for your modal box.