How to Create Sticky Video in Elementor

Sticky Video option is a new addition in the Elementor Video Box widget from Premium Addons For Elementor plugin that can be used to make your visitors keep an eye on the video while going through the other content of your web page at the same time on scroll. If you’re not familiar with Video Box Widget, please take a look at this tutorial.

In this article, we’re going through the steps to add a sticky video in Elementor page.

Elementor Sticky Video


  • You will need the Premium Addons free plugin installed and activated on your website.
  • Premium Addons works only with Elementor Page Builder plugin so you will need to have it installed and activated.
  • Make sure the widget is enabled so you can find it in the Elementor editor. To enable it navigate to WP Dashboard -> Premium Addons for Elementor tab -> Widgets & Add-ons -> Switch on the Video Box widget.

1. Choose The Video Type & Source

Chose your video type from the dropdown list. You can add YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Self-hosted videos.

Also, you can control the video setting using the options below:

  • Player Controls: Show/hide player controls.
  • Mute: This option will play video with no sound.
  • Autoplay: Enable/ Disable autoplay YouTube videos.
    • Autoplay On Viewport: Enable it to start the video once it appears on the viewport, otherwise the video will start once the video is loaded.
  • Loop: This option will loop YouTube videos.
Set the video source and type from 4 available types in the video box widget from premium addons
Set The Video Type and Source

2. Enable The Sticky Option

Enable the Sticky option and customize it using the following options:

  • Sticky: Set the video at a fixed position.
  • Sticky Only After Played.
  • Position: Select the video position while scrolling.
  • Disable Sticky On: Determine which device you would like to disable the sticky option on.
  • Entrance Animation: Select entrance animations that will be used.
  • Animation Duration: Select between normal, fast, or slow.
  • Animation Delay: Set animation delay by entering the number of seconds.
  • Info Section: Enable/Disable Info section under the sticky video.
  • Text: Info section text box.
On Left Side Sticky Option in Elementor Panel and On Right Side Sticky Elementor VIdeo
Sticky Elementor Video Box Widget

3. Customize The Styles

You can customize it further from widget settings -> Style tab -> Sticky Options.

  • Video Size: Set the video size in px, em, or %.
  • Space Around: Set the space around the video box in px, em, or %.
  • Box Shadow.
  • Play Icon Size: Set the play Icon size.
  • Play Icon Padding: Set the play Icon padding.
  • Color: Set the Close Icon color.
  • Background Color: Set the Close Icon background color.
  • Close Icon Size: Set the close Icon size.
Sticky video customization available options
Sticky Video Style Options

That’s It!

You just created a sticky video in your Elementor page and customized it using the Video Box widget from Premium Addons for Elementor.

If you still need any further assistance, feel free to contact the Premium Addons support team. We would be more than glad to help 😁

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