How to speed up Elementor pages with Many Lottie Animations

Recently, we have added a new option in Premium Lottie Animation add-on/widget and Premium Image Layers widget to select whether you need to animation to be rendered as SVG or canvas.Elementor Lottie Render

What is the difference between rendering the animation as SVG/Canvas ?

Basically, rendering the animation as SVG supports all combination of masks used to create animations, but with large sized or much layered animations you may notice your page is overloaded and scroll/hover animations for other widgets is jittering.

On the other hand, canvas renderer is more performant, but it does not actually support all combinations that can exist in one animation, for example stacking multiple subtracting masks.

So, it’s recommended to use canvas renderer if you are having any performance or overloading issues or you don’t need the extra features that SVG renderer provides.

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