Importing Table Widget Data From CSV File

Formatting Data

Before importing your CSV file, you should format your data, your CSV file should be formatted so that table cells are separated by a comma and each table row should be in a new line, for example:

Now, you will need to save your file as CSV, for example: `table.csv`

Importing CSV File

There are two ways to import your CSV files to Premium Table widget:

  • Self Hosted Files.
  • Import your CSV files remotely using URLs.

Self Hosted Files

You can upload your CSV files on your WordPress site

You do not have to upload the file again each time you make a change into it, using your cPanel/FTP account, you can find the file, edit what you need then save changes. That’s it!!

Import Remote CSV Files

Premium Table widget supports importing CSV files remotely using files URLs, just insert your CSV file URL

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