Lottie Animations Integration in Premium Addons

Lottie Animations Integration in Premium Addons

We are glad to be the first Elementor plugin that fully integrates Lottie Animations to all our Elementor widgets. That’s beside the new addon: Lottie Animations Section Addon. Lottie animations are very lightweight so they doesn’t affect website pages loading speed. Also you can find a lot of free Lottie animations to use on your website with no extra cost.

The new section addon: Lottie Animations Section Addon is also a great addition to Premium Addons. It allows you to add Lottie animations to section background with tons of customization options. it also works well with other section addons like Parallax section addon.

Elementor Widgets with Lottie Files Support

That means wherever you can add image or icon, Now you will be able to add Lottie Animation instead. Also all our upcoming widgets and section addons will support Lottie Animations as a standard.

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