Templates Live Editor For Elementor Widgets Based on Templates

Create/Edit Elementor Templates “Live” to be Used as a Content-Type for Specific Elementor Widgets Within the Same Browser Tab

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Easy Peasy

Save Your Time & Effort By Using The New Premium Addons' Live Editing Tool

Drag a Templates-Based Elementor Widget

Templates' Live Editor works with Premium Addons’ widgets that are based on templates as a content type within Elementor Page Builder.

Click on Create/Edit Template Button

Create/Edit button will open a popup/iframe. This popup will give you the freedom to build your Elementor Template on the same page.

Build Your Template With Any Kind of Content

Feel free to build any kind of content the same way you build any section using Elementor Page Builder. No limits, no restrictions!

Once You Finish, Save & Insert Your Template

Once you finalize building your Elementor template, you can go and give it a name then press the “Save & Insert Template” button.

No Worries

Your Templates are Saved Within Elementor Templates & Could Be Re-Used Again!

Premium Addons the FREE WordPress plugin for Elementor Page Builder has developed this feature in a unique way by making those templates saved as Elementor Templates so you can use them again on your website, or your can export the template(s) and use them on another Elementor website.

lightbulb.png Unique

All The Templates You Created are Under The Full Control. Build, Insert, and Easily Find Them In Your Elementor Saved Templates.

Wait a Moment

Where Can I find & Use This New Feature? And, Am I Able to Use It With Any Widget for Elementor?

Templates’ Live Editor tool is available within Premium Addons for Elementor Page Builder, the Free WordPress Plugin. This new feature will be easily found within Elementor widgets that are based on templates as a content type. Check the below lists.

When Creativity Meets Efficiency

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