WordFence Security Plugin SQL Injection, How to solve Server Error (403 Forbidden)

WordFence Plugin is one of the most used WordPress security plugins with over 3 million active installations, it provides many options and features to secure and prevent attacks on your WordPress website.

One of the features that WordFence Security Plugin provides is preventing SQL Injection which may cause some issues for Elementor Page Builder users who want to insert custom code using for example, HTML Editor Widget on their Elementor Page.

Server Error (403 Forbidden)

Server error (403 forbidden) can occur because of WordFence plugin settings prevent SQL injections through Elementor Editor Panel.

Screenshot Shows a a Black Background with Text: Server Error (403 Forbidden)
Server Error (403 Forbidden) in Elementor Editor Panel

Follow these steps to overcome this issue, if you have Wordfence Security Plugin installed.

  • In WordPress Dashboard –> Wordfence Plugin –> Click on Firewall.
Screenshot Displays An Arrow Points at Wordfence Security Firewall in WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Wordfence Security Plugin: Firewall
  • In Wordfence plugin at Firewall Settings –> Click on Manage WAF (web application firewall).
Screenshot Shows an Arrow points at Manage WAF (Web Application Firewall), Firewall Options
WordFence Security Plugin Firewall Settings: Web Application Firewall (Manage WAF)
  • In Basic Firewall Options –> Web Appliaction Firewall Status –> Select Learning Mode.
Screenshot Displays Basic Firewall Options and Web Application Firewall Status an Arrow Points at "Learning Mode"
Wordfence Security Plugin, Basic Firewall Options
  • Click on Save Changes.
Screenshot shows Basic Firewall Settings in Wordfence Security Plugin, An Arrow Points at Save Changes
Wordfence Security Plugin, Save Change Button

Note: Server Error (403 Forbidden) issue might be happening because of your web hosting company server settings, so make sure to ask your web hosting provider if WordFence Learning Mode didn’t help to resolve Server Error ( 403 Forbidden ) issue.

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