How to use tsParticles in Elementor Particles Section Addon

As usual, we always deliver the latest technologies to our customers. Recently, there was a huge update regarding Elementor Particles section add-on. A new particles library with a lot of new features was added to Premium Addons for Elementor.

We have recently updated our particles to a newer version with dozens of new features that allows you to get rid of the old solid backgrounds. Now, you can create backgrounds with amazing interactive animations.

First, make sure that you have the latest Premium Addons Free/PRO versions installed on your site.

Step 1: Start by adding a new Elementor section to your page.

An Arrow Pointing to Adding New Elementor Section Button.
Adding New Elementor Section

Step 2: Click on the Edit Section button, then from the Elementor panel, scroll down until you see Premium Particles, after that, switch on the Enable Particles option.

Enable Elementor Particles Section Add-on.
Enable Particles Option in Elementor Particles Section add-on

Step 3: Navigate to the tsParticles website from this link, then select the preset that matches your needs. Copy/paste the JSON code into the Custom Style field located in the Premium Particles tab.

Getting JSON Code From tsParticles for Elementor Particles Add-ons
Getting JSON Code From tsParticles

Here’s a couple of examples showing up some of the new features added to Particles.js :

1- Characters as Particles

Characters Effect in Elementor Particles Section Add-on.
Characters effect in Elementor Particles add-on

2- Multiple Images

Multiply Images in Elementor Particles Section Add-on.
Multiple Images Effect in Elementor Particles Add-on

3- Trails

Trails Effect inElementor Particles Section Add-on.
Trails Effect in Elementor Particles Section Add-on

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