How to Reduce Server Requests and Enhance Loading Speed?

Premium Add-ons for Elementor and Premium Add-ons PRO have been greatly enhanced to improve loading speed of your of sites.

Now, CSS and JS files will be loaded on front pages only when required, however disabling widgets you don’t use is also important as it makes the editor page faster and less clutter.

You can disable widgets / addons you don’t use from by navigating to your dashboard -> Premium Addons for Elementor -> Widgets & Add-ons, then enable/disable the Free or PRO Widgets.

Elementor Editor Speed Issue
Disable Elementor Widgets

Also, you can disable enqueuing Google maps API JS file from Google Maps API, then uncheck `Enable Maps JS File`.

Disable Premium Add-ons API Request
Disable Premium Add-ons API Request

We also recommend to have a look on this article to increase your server limits if you are having any issues loading Elementor editor panel while Premium Addons for Elementor is active.

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