How to Enable Youtube Data API for Premium Video Box Widget

Today, we will show how to enable Youtube Data API to be used with getting Videos from Youtube Playlist/Channel option that was recently added to Premium Videobox widget.

First, we need to answer why is Youtube Data API is an important update? Simply, because starting from now you don’t need to add each video in a separate widget. Now with just the API Key and Playlist or Channel ID, Premium Video Box widget will pull all the public videos in any Youtube playlist or channel automatically.

We will start by getting Google API Key. If you need further information about getting your API key, please check this article.

So let’s start to enable the Youtube Data API. The good news that this process is fairly simple.

Step 1: After you get your Google API Key, navigate to your project dashboard. Click on ENABLE API AND SERVICES button on the top of the page.

Enable APIs and Services for Elementor Video Box widget
Enable APIs and Services to Google API

Step 2: Search for Youtube Data API, then select it from the results list.

Enable YouTube Data API in Video Box widget
YouTube Data API in Video Box Widget

Step 3: Click on Enable button to enable Youtube Data API on your project.

Enable YouTube Data API for Elementor Video Box widget
Enable YouTube Data API for Elementor Video Box Widget

That’s it. Your YouTube API is ready to use.

Step 4: Navigate to your WP Dashboard -> Premium Addons for Elementor -> Integrations tab.

Step 5: Paste the API Key in Youtube Data API Key field.

Insert YouTube Data API Key to Use With Elementor Video Box
Insert YouTube Data API In Premium Addons Integrations Tab

Finally, the last thing remaining is to get the Playlist or Channel ID, please check this article for further information about that.

After inserting the Playlist or Channel ID, the Video Box Widget should pull playlist/channel video automatically.

Elementor Video Box Widget Displays the Playlist Videos Successfully

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