How to Copy Elementor Content From Site to Another Using PA Copy/Paste Feature

Since we are doing our best to make things easier for our users, we have released a new magical feature which is important to every Elementor designer. Today, we will introduce the Copy/Paste Cross-Domain feature.

We need to mention that it’s not just a traditional copy/paste feature. No, it can copy/paste from one website to another website, which saves time and effort. Also, You can copy everything related to Elementor, not just Premium Add-ons widgets only. It copies everything you select the text, style, media files, and settings.

First, make sure that you have the latest free Premium Addons for Elementor version installed on your website.

We need to make sure that option is activated in plugin settings by navigating to WP Dashboard -> Premium Addons for Elementor tab -> Features tab -> Premium Cross-Domain Copy Paste option and enable it, then click on the Save Settings button.

Enable Elementor Cross Domain Copy Paste Feature
Enable Premium Cross Domain Copy Paste Feature

Now everything is settled to use this magical feature and copy/paste your content between different sites.

Copy/Paste Elementor Content Cross Different Websites
Copy/Paste Elementor Content Cross Different Websites

Navigate to any Elementor section and follow these four simple clicks :

1. Right-click on the content that you want to copy.
2. Choose the “PA Copy” option.
3. Navigate to the destination website, Right-click on the section you need to copy the content to.
4. Click “PA Paste” button and let the magic happens!

You are Done!


What do I need to run this feature on my website?

Simply, you need to have the latest versions of Elementor and Premium Addons plugins installed on your website.

Is this feature is free ?

Yes, Cross Domain Copy-Paste feature is totally FREE.

How to activate Premium Copy/Paste feature?

You can activate PA Copy from WP Dashboard -> Premium Addons for Elementor tab -> Featrues -> Premium Cross-Domain Copy Paste option and enable it, then click on the Save Settings button.

Will it inherit Elementor destination website theme styling?

Yes, for sure. If you set your colors globally, the element’s style will be inherited from your global colors.

After pasting the content using PA Copy/Paste, can I edit it? 

Yes, feel free to edit and update it to match your needs.

Can I copy media as well?

Yes, you can. All the media will be copied to your new site with this feature and will be added to the media library automatically.

Can I copy media from my Local Setup to Live Site?

No, that’s can’t be done, you need to upload your media manually.

Will PA Copy/Paste work with any other third party addon widgets?

Yes, it will. Just install the third-party addon on the destination website before copy/paste the content.

Can I copy content between different browsers?

No, that can’t be done. Both websites must be opened in the same browser.

Will PA Copy/Paste can copy the entire section?

Yes, it will copy and paste the section from any website to another. 

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